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Transformers power your business, equipping you to provide your customers with outstanding products or services. ELSCO Transformers provides high-quality, medium-voltage transformers that will ensure a steady flow of energy to your facility, even during unexpected outages.

At ELSCO Transformers, you’ll find a caring team ready to provide what you need to succeed. We pride ourselves on our long-lasting transformers backed by responsive care, superior materials and convenient warranties.

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    Cities We Service in Texas

    Although ELSCO Transformers services all of Texas, we have experience working with companies in the following cities:


    • Amarillo

    • Arlington

    • Austin

    • Brownsville

    • Corpus Christi

    • Dallas


    • Denton

    • El Paso

    • Fort Worth

    • Frisco

    • Garland

    • Grand Prairie


    • Houston

    • Irving

    • Killeen

    • Laredo

    • Lubbock

    • McAllen


    • McKinney

    • Mesquite city

    • Pasadena

    • Plano

    • San Antonio

    • Waco

    Dry Type Transformer

    Dry Type Transformers in Texas

    Our dry type systems are exceptional options if you’re looking for a durable, long-lasting transformer to satisfy your power needs. These transformers circulate air to protect the coils from overheating. Our team uses only the best materials, including copper conductors and Dupont Nomex and SG200 fiberglass for durable use. While the average industry transformer’s life span is 15 to 20 years, our dry type transformers often last up to 30 years while requiring little maintenance. Our systems also include many other benefits, such as:

    • An easy installation process
    • Sustainability
    • Versatility for use in various settings

    Learn More About Our Dry Type Transformers

    Dry Type Transformer

    Our In-Stock & Ready to Ship Dry Type Transformer Selection

    500 to 2,500 kVA Transformers In-Stock

    Padmount Transformer

    Padmount Transformers in Texas

    These liquid-cooled transformers sit on concrete pads within steel, lockable cabinets, commonly installed in residential and commercial faciliities. Padmount transformers connect underground power lines in popular areas with significant traffic and are designed for cost-efficiency and durability. We stock systems with ratings ranging from 500 kVA to 2,500 kVA. When you contact us, our team will work with you to determine the correct option for your needs.

    The ELSCO Transformers team can build your padmount transformer to order and include custom elements such as:

    • High short-circuit strength designs
    • Electrostatic shields
    • K-factor designs

    Learn More About Our Padmount Transformers

    Access to High-Quality Units When You Need Them Most

    A sudden malfunction or failure could arise at any time. This disruption to power could halt many essential operations, putting entities like universities, hospitals and manufacturing facilities at a standstill.

    At ELSCO Transformers, we work hard to deliver dry type and padmount replacement transformers as quickly as possible. With our 24-hour response times and Quick-Ship benefits, your unit will typically leave our facility within 24 to 48 hours, ready for installation within hours of its arrival.

    Keep Up With Your Evolving Power Demands

    As your power requirements increase and you approach overloading, you may need a transformer replacement. Natural disasters such as floods may also lead to premature damage, shortening your system’s life span. When these issues start, getting your hands on a transformer replacement is vital.

    Our professionals at ELSCO Transformers have decades of experience providing retrofitting services that go above and beyond to meet your energy needs and ensure a perfect fit into the space left behind by your old unit. Our custom bus work also allows you to eliminate the need to rework connections or create new enclosures, as we’ll create and equip your transformer with custom bus bars to guarantee a perfect fit.

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    Give your company a boost with a new transformer and peace of mind with a long and dependable power supply. At ELSCO Transformers, we provide quality systems and services and strive to supply you with an enjoyable experience working with us.

    Our experienced team is always available to answer any of your questions. If you’re ready to start the process, request your quote for a new transformer in Texas today.

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