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Medium Voltage Transformers for Manufacturers

The Different Parts of a Dry Type Transformer

Today’s manufacturing processes have more diverse power requirements than ever. Intelligent machines and cloud computing require a wider variety of equipment types. Evolving power standards also mean manufacturers must update their electrical infrastructure regularly. Manufacturers need versatile and dependable transformers to stay competitive in their ever-changing industry.

ELSCO Transformers develops and sells transformers for manufacturers with top-of-the-line engineering. Consider our company when you need a reliable solution for your electrical system.

The Benefits of ELSCO Transformers for Manufacturers

We use top-of-the-line engineering techniques to deliver high-quality medium voltage transformers for manufacturing. Our transformers meet and exceed the needs of manufacturing facilities through these advantages:

  • Higher return on investment: Our transformers maximize your return on investment through reliable performance. We use industry-leading materials such as copper and Nomex insulation on our dry type transformers to give you long-lasting results. With less frequent repairs and replacements needed, you can get more out of your purchase which also lowers your total cost of ownership.
  • Deliberate manufacturing: At our plant in Cincinnati, Ohio, we hand craft our products without automation. By having an expert technician directly manage each step, we can give you the best quality possible.
  • Custom transformers and retrofits available: We offer custom solutions to meet your company’s ever-changing objectives. Our team can build you a custom transformer that converts the voltages you need to perform your manufacturing processes. When you need a replacement manufacturing transformer that integrates into your existing system, we also offer retrofits.

Our Catalog of Medium Voltage Transformers for Manufacturers

At ELSCO, we specialize in engineering and selling medium voltage transformers for multiple industries. Our options for manufacturing facilities include:

  • Dry type transformers: Our dry type transformers have a high level of versatility because of their suitability for indoor and outdoor applications. Depending on the enclosure, these models can provide power for overall operations outside or convert voltage for equipment inside.
  • Padmount transformers: A padmount transformer works well for outside use with underground power connections. They provide general power to a building for lights and other everyday electrical equipment. Our padmount transformers feature lockable front doors for tamperproof security.
  • Station type and unit substation transformers: We also sell station type and unit substation transformers. Each of these varieties has different applications and capabilities. For more information about these options, contact our team.

Reasons for Manufacturers to Partner With ELSCO Transformers

Manufacturing companies across the United States choose ELSCO as their medium voltage transformer provider. We set ourselves apart from the competition with:

  • Experience: Each of our key staff members has more than 21 years of experience with transformers. This expertise shows through our quality engineering.
  • Warranties and service: We offer an industry-leading warranty of five years for our new dry type transformers for indoor use. For comparison, most companies consider one year the market standard.
  • Expedited options: If you have a sudden need for a transformer, consider our quick ship units or emergency replacement services.

Transformer Resources for the Manufacturing Industry

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