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500 kVA 13800 Delta to 208Y/120 Dry Type Transformer

Dry Type Transformer
Dry Type Transformer

500 kVA 13800 Delta to 208Y/120 Dry Type Transformer

kVA:  500
Primary Voltage:  13800 Delta
Secondary Voltage:  208Y/120

ELSCO Transformers stocks 500 kVA 13800 Delta to 208Y/120 dry type transformers. We are able to ship our transformers in 24 to 48 hours.


Our new indoor dry type transformers carry a five-year warranty that guarantees against any workmanship defects or material problems under regular use.

On our remanufactured indoor dry type units, we provide a three-year warranty. The requirements to keep from voiding the warranty for remanufactured transformers are the same as for new models.

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Transformer Details & Specifications

These medium voltage machines by ELSCO Transformers are ready to work. This line boasts a three-phase, four-wire configuration with enough power to support your industrial electricity needs, including housing or university projects, labs or care facilities.

The 500 kva 13800 Delta to 208Y/120 Transformer’s specifications demonstrate that it’s designed to last. We hand-wind our coils and assemble every piece with precision, using top-level materials like 100% copper to provide high-efficiency performance and minimal sound during operation. Our skilled team keeps up to date on the latest industry practices and standards set forth by organizations like the DOE, Energy Smart, ANSI, IEEE and NEMA so that we can meet and exceed them with every project.

The combination of our skilled craftsmanship and high-quality materials leaves you with a unit that delivers superior performance over an extended life span. Thanks to their minimal maintenance and utility needs, products from ELSCO Transformers bring both time and money savings to your operations. And when the time does come for maintenance, our emergency replacement services will get you back to work as soon as possible, keeping your business moving forward.

Find 500 kva 13800 Delta to 208Y/120 Dry Type Transformers in Stock

At Elsco Transformers, we know you need your tools on demand, so we do everything in our power to quickly ship your 500 kva 13800 Delta to 208Y/120 Transformer. We’ll make sure it gets straight to your door and is ready for installation immediately. Any new Dry Type Transformers also come with a five-year warranty when you install them inside. Request a quote for your new machine today.

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