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Customer Testimonials

ELSCO Transformer’s Testimonials

Testimonials from past and present clients

Don’t Just Take Our Word For it – Listen to Our Customers

“Thank you, ELSCO, for your attention to detail. I really appreciate your prompt assistance and team work that your company extended to me during our emergency transformer replacement. You guys did an awesome job! The procurement, design, engineering and delivery were SPOT ON ! The new transformer fit into the old case perfectly. I am pleased and my facility thanks you too. I have been doing this kind of work a long time and this is the smoothest one yet. I will definitely recommend your company to anyone, and you will be my first call for any transformer.”

  • Mark, Medical Center Administrator

“Just wanted to pass along that we energized the new core & coil assembly this past Saturday with no problems. Everything went well, the unit fit nicely, the secondary bus connections were right on and the primary cables worked great. The customer was impressed with your timely response, the fact that you had a unit in stock, and with the overall appearance of the unit itself. It was great working with the two of you and a pleasure dealing with people that still care about their work and assure the customer gets the best product. I will not hesitate to use or recommend ELSCO in the future!
Thanks, and keep up the great service!”

  • Mike
  • High Voltage Electrical Contractor

“I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate all the work you and your crew did getting the transformer core and coil ready for our application. Everything bolted up perfect and the unit is operating perfectly. When the opportunity presents itself in the future for a transformer replacement you will be the first call.
Thanks again.”

  • Pete
  • Power Company

“We had the transformer installed and up and running on Saturday by 11:45 AM in the morning, started at 6:00 AM. Everything went exceptionally well with the installation, the dimensions we shared back and forth worked very well, everything fit like a glove. I Really appreciate all the support and communication with your guys, I couldn’t believe we had the transformer sitting here and ready to install 3 days after our first discussion. This is ironic as I was still getting emails days later from vendors telling us there was nothing available nation-wide. Thanks for the help.”

  • Dennis
  • Defense Contractor

“As promised, the transformer installation was seamless! The unit fit nicely into the existing enclosure and the bus connections were perfect. I thank you for your professionalism, attention to detail and excellent customer service – it was a pleasure working with Elsco.”

  • Dan
  • High Voltage Electrical Contractor

“Electric Service Company (ELSCO) has worked very nicely in the past with us in the area of repairs, replacements, and modifications for transformers and quick-ship. If you come across an opportunity where the client has a need for a fast delivery on a dry-type transformer (and I don’t just mean the typical stuff…..say no to nothing…these guys can get it done), a need for a fast oil-filled transformer (same comment as above), a client that has a burned out transformer, or a client that has a custom application (voltage, footprint, etc) and ALSO needs it fast, then they can re-wind it and they can re-furbish it. Especially useful…they can ship a core and coil and do all the bus-work at the factory to replace transformers that are part of substation line-ups. If you ever tried to sell a replacement transformer to fit in an existing space between the HV switch and LV switch you know how tough that can be. Simply call these guys to replace the core.
We have used ELSCO all across the country. Solid product, very responsive.”

  • Bill
  • Northeast Industrial Manufacturing Company

“Everything went exceptionally well with the installation. The dimensions we shared worked well – everything fit like a glove! I really appreciate all the support and communication with your guys. I can’t believe we had the transformer sitting here ready to install 2 days after our first discussion.”

  • Dave
  • Fortune 500 company

“I wish to thank you again. Turning that transformer job around in less than 24 hours was impressive (our business depended on it). Your service was all it was advertised as being. Thank you, I have your number stuck on my computer and will use it again when needed.”

  • Stan
  • Manufacturing Company.

“Just wanted to pass along that we installed and placed in service the new 2500 KVA transformer last Saturday. The fit & connections could not have been more perfect. Everything went well. Thanks again for your help with this project. I will keep you folks in mind for future dry-type transformer needs and recommend to others as a result of the great service, support and end product.”

  • Mike
  • Large Midwest Industrial Manufacturing Company

“The installation went very well due to your planning and the materials that you supplied. The unit has been performing for a couple of months now and I could not be more pleased.”

  • Bill
  • Power Generation Plant

“Just a quick thanks for all of your help on this project. To no surprise, everything came off without a hitch. You did what you said, how you said and when you said. I’ll work with you guys any time. It kind of makes me look forward to the next time firemen spray water on our transformer.”

  • Mike
  • Electrical Engineering Firm for East Coast Hospital

“Thank you guys very much for the support this weekend. We got the transformer on-line around 4 PM Saturday. Could not have done it without the help. The transformer looked great. Your test data pretty much matched our acceptance test data. Thank you once again to you and your staff for making this happen.”

  • Greg
  • Southeast High Voltage Electrical Contractor

“The fit and connections could not have been more perfect.”

  • Mike
  • Consulting Engineer for Pharmaceutical Company

“You might want to be aware that our electricians have commented that your transformer is the quietest 1500 KVA transformer they have ever come across.”

  • Travis
  • Major University

“Thanks to all of you. Everything matched up perfectly. Our customer was quite happy with the short time for delivery and getting it hooked back up.”

  • Kris
  • Utility Company

“I want to thank you for the exceptional service provided as well as the quality product delivered. We are very pleased with all aspects of how the entire event unfolded. Your firm should be proud of the professionalism and quality product that you deliver to your customers!”

  • Bob
  • Pulp and Paper Company

“I am forwarding your contact information to a major electrical supplier in this area. He was very impressed with the service you provided us despite short notice. He wanted to have your information so that if a need came up he would know who to contact.”

  • Joe
  • Utility Company

“It was great meeting Alan Ober and working with him yesterday to verify the measurements for the new dry type transformers. It gives me great confidence when an engineer with Alan’s experience shows up with factory drawings that closely match the transformers we are replacing. This is the reason I push for dealing with folks like you. My experience in dealing with the larger vendors is that they have little attention to detail and their “sales engineers” assigned to the projects are more sales oriented than engineering and most times make mistakes along the way due to lack of attention to details often cost the project more time and money.

Thanks again for the great service and pass along to Alan thanks for his time to travel and verify everything, it was nice meeting him.”

  • Mike
  • Plastics Company

“That’s not a transformer, it’s a work of art! Thanks for restoring my faith that there are people who care about their work and provide quality products and service.”

  • Dave
  • Pharmaceutical Company

“I want to express my thanks for you being here and assisting with the transformer instillation. I know the project would not have happened without your assistance. I realize it was a very long day and you made it all go as smoothly as it could have. Thanks again.”

  • Todd
  • Northeast High Voltage Electrical Contractor

“I appreciate your assistance in getting this unit on so quickly. I will for sure call you in similar situations.”

  • Dave

“I am very pleased with the new transformers. Construction is excellent as was delivery.”

  • Kay