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Transformer Repairs

Who do you call after an emergency transformer failure?

ELSCO Specializes in Emergency Transformer Replacements

If you have an emergency power outage call 800-232-9002 to contact our Rapid Response Team

ELSCO technician performing a transformer repair for a customer

ELSCO Repair Services

We’re the best choice to electrical transformers repair, rebuild, replace & sale your dry-type or padmount transformer.

When it comes to repairing, reconditioning, or retrofitting a transformer, there is no standard way of ensuring a quality end result. Some companies do the bare minimum to re-sell a used transformer and will neglect to address problems that will lead to failure.

ELSCO is the best in the industry for electrical transformers repair & sale. We go above and beyond to ensure that a transformer will perform at maximum capacity for as long as it can. Our repairs outlast those of our competitors by years, and sometimes, decades.

Whether you’re facing transformer failure, or being proactive about your transformer’s lifespan, the experts at ELSCO will know exactly what to do. We’ve been rebuilding and repairing transformers since 1912, specializing in delivering transformer repair service to commercial and industrial customers with transformers rated up to 5,000 KVA to 34.5 KV.

ELSCO technician performing a transformer repair for a customer

On most major repairs we provide a 24-hour response time for scheduling the pick- up of your electrical transformers. Once we have assessed the repair work needed, we will give you an estimate of a delivery date. Repairs take time, but our #1 priority is getting you back up and running as soon as possible.

ELSCO technicians each have 20+ years of experience in transformer repair services

Our Experience Speaks for Itself

  • Our chief engineer has worked with transformers for over 40 years.
  • Our chief winder is close behind, with 30 plus years in the industry.
  • Our shop foreman has been in the industry for over 20 years.
  • Our entire team has had their hands on every make and model of transformer on the market.

Reconditioned Transformers

Reconditioned or re-manufactured electrical transformers that run like new.

Our experts can help you determine if purchasing a reconditioned or re-manufactured electrical transformer is the right option for you. In some cases, a reconditioned transformer offers increased cost efficiency and expediency.

Due to our nation-wide service area, we occasionally acquire previously owned transformers (ones that meet our exacting standards), which we put through a comprehensive testing and certification process before making them available to you. Our team of engineer’s test, inspect, clean, and refurbish all units, before certifying all products and adding to our inventory

ELSCO’s certified, pre-owned transformers run from 500 kVA thru 2500 kVA with 2.5, 5, and 15 kVA primaries. The availability of specific ratings in this range will vary over time.  We typically stock a good variety of kVA and voltages in our reconditioned or remanufactured dry types, with fewer reconditioned padmounts as most padmounts we have are new.

To determine the availability of a pre-owned transformer to meet your specifications, please call us at 800-232-9002.

All units can also be modified to match your existing line-up. Because of our commitment to quality, we include a one-year warranty on all parts and performance.

Transformer repairs completed on an enclosed dry type transformer

Pre-Owned Transformer Inventory

Below is a list of the manufacturers of transformer brands that we can recondition and certify. For a current list of units available, please contact us at 800-232-9002.

  • ABB

  • Alstom

  • Areva

  • Balteau

  • Balteau Standard

  • Central Moloney

  • CG Power

  • Cooper

  • Eaton

  • Ermco

  • Federal Pacific

  • General Electric

  • Hammond

  • Hevi Duty

  • Howard

  • ITE

  • Kuhlman

  • MGM

  • MTC

  • Niagara

  • Olsun

  • Pacific Crest

  • Pauwels

  • Rex

  • RTE

  • Siemens

  • Sorgel

  • Square D

  • Standard

  • Sunbelt

  • Sylvania

  • VanTran

  • Virginia

  • Weg

  • Westinghouse


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ELSCO Specializes in Emergency Transformer Replacements

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