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Custom-Built Transformers

At ELSCO Transformers we strive to deliver excellence in power transformer services to your organization. To meet your special voltage step-down requirements, we offer custom transformers and bus work for transformers.

Although we stock new medium-voltage dry-type and padmount transformers in a standard range of power and high-voltage ratings, some customers have unique specifications and requirements that we cannot meet from stock.  We can transformer design to fill their special transformer needs with our custom-build service.

Custom-Built Medium Voltage Transformers

We design and build customized medium-voltage transformers to order. Our custom build solutions include:

Custom-Built Dry Type Transformers

Dry type transformers use air instead of liquid in their cooling and feature Nomex flame resistant insulation which makes them ideal for indoor use. If you need an outdoor power solution, you can also use a dry type transformer outdoors with a weather tight Nema 3R enclosure. Our new dry type transformers have an industry-leading five-year warranty for indoor use or application.

Custom-Built Padmount Transformers

Liquid-cooled padmount transformers feature engineering that makes them safe for use in public spaces. They do not require protective fencing to operate safely in an outdoor area. Our custom transformers build-to-order padmount options also tend to have a more cost-effective price due to the longer lead time than our quick-ship options which are more for failure or can’t-wait situations.

Custom Bus Work for Transformers

When you need the right connections to integrate one of our transformers into your system, consider our custom bus work service. We specialize in plug-and-play connections that make transformer installations seamless. You can combine our bus work services with a transformer purchase, retrofit or custom-build project.

ELSCO technicians working on a custom transformer

Benefits of Our Custom-Built Transformers

When you order a custom-built transformer or retrofit unit with bus work from us, you’ll receive these advantages:

  • Personalized design process: We begin every transformer design process with a detailed discussion with our clients. Our experts will pinpoint your needs and develop a solution that makes the most of your investment.
  • Local engineering: Each of our transformers comes from our warehouse in Cincinnati, Ohio. We take pride in our hand-crafted manufacturing that involves no automation.
  • Industry-leading materials: All of our products contain the industry’s most trusted top- grade materials. With our dry types, we work with copper conductor and Nomex insulation to bring you efficient, long-lasting results.
  • Rigorous quality testing: Our engineers test each transformer multiple times throughout the manufacturing process. Our rigorous standards result in effective and reliable products.
ELSCO technicians working on a custom transformer

Why Choose ELSCO Transformers for A Custom Build?

Our clients depend on us for high-quality custom builds because of our:

  • Top-quality engineering: We have a history of zero warranty issues or failures that goes back to our first dry type transformers in 1988. Our engineers ensure that each custom-build product has a reliable design with no short cuts.
  • Experienced technicians: All of our key engineers have more than 21 years of experience in the transformer business, this expertise leads to efficient and dependable transformer performance.
  • Expert manufacturing and quality control:  We hand-wind and assemble all of our transformers so that we can continuously check the placement, tension and clearances of the coils.  This avoids faults and mechanical stresses that can cause hot spots and lead to premature transformer failure.  We test each transformer at five stages of assembly and a final time when completed.
  • Stellar customer service: When you need technical advice or a rush order, count on our team for help. We will assist wherever we can to keep your operations running smoothly. Our engineers are available by phone 24/7 to answer your questions or help with installation issues.
Contact Us about Custom-Built Transformers

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