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500 kVA 4160 Delta to 480Y/277 Dry Type Transformer

Dry Type Transformer
Dry Type Transformer

500 kVA 4160 Delta to 480Y/277 Dry Type Transformer

kVA:  500
Primary Voltage:  4160 Delta
Secondary Voltage:  480Y/277

ELSCO Transformers stocks 500 kVA 4160 Delta to 480Y/277 dry type transformers. We are able to ship our transformers in 24 to 48 hours.


Our new indoor dry type transformers carry a five-year warranty that guarantees against any workmanship defects or material problems under regular use.

On our remanufactured indoor dry type units, we provide a three-year warranty. The requirements to keep from voiding the warranty for remanufactured transformers are the same as for new models.

Learn more about our warranties here:


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Transformer Details & Specifications

Your new 500 kva 4160 Delta to 480Y/277 Dry Type Transformer will give you the electrical power you need for your industrial operations. With a three-phase, four-wire system and enough energy to power dozens of units and operations, medium voltage machines from ELSCO Transformers last through years of use.

Our team of professional engineers hand-assembles every machine that leaves our facility, providing you with a superior design mastered through years of dedicated experience. We use hand-wound, 100% copper and top-level designs to ensure maximum stability and energy efficiency. Our standards surpass those set by Energy Star and DOE, and we’re constantly ensuring we’re up to date on the latest IEEE, ANSI and NEMA guidelines.

Thanks to their impressive design, ELSCO Transformers machines operate quickly and quietly enough to prevent distractions for as long as they’re in use. From the moment yours arrives at your door, you’ll appreciate everything we’ve done to ensure your business can get back to work as soon as possible. Depending on your exact specifications, installing your 500 kva 4160 Delta to 480Y/277 Dry Type Transformer can be as easy as plugging it in and turning it on.

Find In-Stock 500 kva 4160 Delta to 480Y/277 Dry Type Transformers

ELSCO Transformers is ready to quickly ship your new 500 kva 4160 Delta to 480Y/277 Dry Type Transformer upon request. Our catalog of medium voltage transformers makes it a breeze for businesses like yours to find the power sources they need to succeed. Connect with us today and request a quote for your transformer.

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