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The ELSCO Difference

Transformer Technician building a transformer.
The right transformer can save you money.

The ELSCO Difference

Todd explains The ELSCO Difference

The right transformer can save you money.

When evaluating your transformer options, consider the total cost of ownership.

The Total Cost of Ownership of a transformer over its useful life has four components:

1. Installed cost

2. Energy costs

3. Maintenance Costs

4. Useful life

ELSCO Transformer’s business is dedicated to minimizing the first three components and maximizing the last component of ownership costs for our customers.

We do this with Quality Products and Customized Service.

A high-quality transformer meets and often exceeds the minimum DOE efficiency requirement. A difference in electrical efficiency of even 0.0001% can result in thousands of dollars of additional savings in energy costs over the useful life of a quality transformer.

A high-quality transformer is designed and built so that it will operate cooler and quieter even at full rated load, and consequently will have a longer useful life — 30 years or more. Maintenance expenses are minimized and replacement is postponed for years.

Installation costs can exceed the price of a transformer.  ELSCO’s Quick-Ship service and plug-and-play installation support enables a quick and seamless retrofit installation which minimizes downtime and can save thousands of dollars during the installation.

ELSCO Transformers is all about Quality

  • Quality means you can have efficient reliable electric power on demand, 24/7 if needed, for 30 years or more.
  • Quality means you will install your transformer only once.
  • Quality means your transformer comes with valuable services that will save you time and money.
  • Quality is the way to minimize the total ownership cost of your transformer.

We Care About the Right Setup Because We Know You Care about Saving Money

Enclosed transformer unit The Right Setup

Workers fixing a transformer The Wrong Setup

The wrong set-up might save you a few dollars today, but it will likely cost you a lot of headaches and money in the future. You will have to live with your transformer for a long time. By choosing quality, you will realize a lower total cost of ownership and may never have to replace it again in your working lifetime.

The ELSCO Difference Means a Lower Total Cost of Ownership of Your Transformer