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Medium Voltage Transformers for Continuous Process and Automation

The Different Parts of a Dry Type Transformer

Continuous process and automation facilities need an undisturbed power supply to satisfy demand and remain competitive. ELSCO Transformers produces power devices with superior design and efficiency, enabling plant managers to achieve their operational goals.

We build custom transformers that fit within your facility. The devices leave our facility within 24 to 48 hours. Reach out to our customer service with your questions for a quick response.

Benefits of ELSCO Transformers for the Continuous Process Industry

We offer automation facilities the following advantages:

  • Handmade and custom-built applications: We design transformers according to your plant’s specifications and available space.
  • Long-lasting transformers: We build power transformers with copper and Nomex insulation lasting over 30 years.
  • Retrofits: We design transformers that convert voltages that align with your plant’s needs.
  • Highly-developed software: We use software to design units that can fit in slim spaces.

Dry Type Transformers for Continuous Process and Automation

Continuous process and automation facilities need uninterrupted power supplies to operate at maximum capacity every hour. A breakdown in power supply may risk their operations, leading to a high cost of production per hour. Our dry type transformers enable facilities such as food processing plants, paper mills and steel mills to run 24/7 with low maintenance.

The machine’s cooling process uses air. We recommend placing the equipment indoors. Our technicians can customize a system for your enclosed outdoor space. For the transformer to run efficiently, ensure you place it in a:

  • Dry, accessible area
  • Smooth and level floor
  • Space with a low risk of moisture
  • Area with low risk of flooding

Padmount Transformers for Continuous Process and Automation

We build padmount transformers with features that enable them to connect to underground electric lines. The device will keep your operations running if your processing plant has an outdoor space or is in a public environment with high foot traffic. The unit uses mineral oil to stay cool.

Transformer Services for Automation Facilities

ELSCO Transformers enables continuous processing facilities to run uninterrupted by offering the following services:

  • Repairs: We repair broken transformers and restore their ability to operate efficiently.
  • Replacement: We replace worn-out devices with new ones to keep the mill’s operations in progress.
  • Custom bus work: We build custom transformers that increase your factory’s power capacity and utilize available connections and room.
  • Retrofit: We handmake a new system that aligns with your power system

If you’re unsure whether you need a replacement or repair, our technicians will help you determine the best solution. We verify your needs with the plant manager and recommend a long-lasting solution.

Retrofit Transformers for the Automation Industry

Automation plants experience growth that changes their power supply needs. We build retrofit transformers to enable your factory to operate at its new capacity. Retrofits are economical because they utilize the room your old system used to occupy.

You may need a retrofit when the weather leads to abrupt power failure or overloading or your old transformer wears out.

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