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Transformer FAQ

Do you stock unit substation style or station type units at all?

No, due to the critical width dimension aspects of unit substations, which are normally part of a line-up, we only stock the pad mount style units at this time. Of course, we rewind and recondition unit substation style and station type units all the time.

In an emergency situation, how quickly can you ship a stock unit?

If we don’t have to change the high voltage insulators from live front, to either dead front Radial Feed, or dead front three bushing wells with loop feed inserts, we can get a truck to our shop and get it on the road in about 3 hours. If we need to make the change, that takes about 4 to 5 hours to drain down the oil, change out the bushings, refill, pressure test to make sure all gaskets are seated properly then run through full electrical tests. Then it will be ready for shipment.

Do you offer the external drain valve & sampler with lockable box?

We are starting to add more and more new stock units that have the external drain valve & sampler with lockable box as well as external gauges in lockable box for safety concerns.

Do you deal with single phase units?

Although, we don’t stock single phase units, we can certainly build to order.

Can you build to order spec units?

Yes, we build to certain specs all the time either inside our stock range or outside our stock range.

What kind of gauges and accessories do you have on your stock units?

Our new, stock pad mounts have all the standard accessories such as temperature gauge, liquid level gauge, pressure vacuum gauge, pressure relief valve, drain valve & sampler, upper fill plug, de-energized 5 position upgraded amp rotary type tap changer, penta-head locking bolts, nameplate, hand hole, lifting lugs, 2-hole sst ground pads, and standard industrial enamel pad mount green paint. The additional accessories we have on our stock pad mounts are: two position on/off load break switch and dual sensing bayonet fusing with drip shields. An optional accessory you can request is surge/lightning arresters.

Do you stock reconditioned pad mount transformers?

Most of what we stock are new pad mounts due to the newer and higher efficiencies plus the longer life span. In the past we have purchased used units for resale and found out many of them were not up to our standards. With used units you have to be careful how old they are because transformers on average last 20 to 30 years. If a used unit is already 25 years old, how much life does it have left?

Do you stock copper or aluminum wound pad mounts?

Mostly we stock copper wound pad mounts as most people we’ve talked to prefer copper. We are starting to stock some more aluminum wound pad mounts due to more and more customers being cost conscious.

Do You Stock Pad Mount Transformers?

Padmount Transformer We Stock

Yes, we stock from 500 kva thru 2500 kva with 2400, 4160, 12470, 13200, and 13800 volt primaries with 4160, 2400, 480, and 208 volt secondaries.