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Medium Voltage Transformers for Hospitals

The Different Parts of a Dry Type Transformer

Today’s healthcare facilities need well-designed electrical solutions to serve their patients. With patient well-being at the top of their priorities, hospitals constantly strive for safer operations. They also want sufficient power as they must continuously introduce new technology. To meet this goal, healthcare facilities require reliable and powerful electrical equipment.

Our team at ELSCO Transformers develops ready-made and custom transformers for the healthcare industry. We understand how much power different equipment and facilities require to help you make informed purchases.

Reasons to Count on ELSCO Transformers

Healthcare facilities need transformers for both high tech medical equipment and their everyday power use. Our team will help you find the right transformer for your application to get the best results possible. The benefits of our transformers for hospitals include:

Custom Transformers and Bus Work Available

If you have specialized power requirements, we offer custom built transformers.  Allow our experts to develop a transformer or system that enables you to get the power your facility requires.

Deliberate Manufacturing Processes

Each of our transformers goes through a handcrafted in-depth manufacturing process. By handling each step ourselves, we have optimal quality control over our transformers.

Rigorous Quality Testing

Throughout the manufacturing process, we perform evaluations with high exacting standards. From beginning to end, manufacturing our transformers involves thorough quality assurance.

Our Hospital and Medical Transformers

We sell a variety of medium voltage transformers to help our clients meet their goals. Our transformer products and services include:

  • Dry type transformers: The ELSCO team began manufacturing dry type transformers in-house in 1988. Their insulation and air-cooling make them ideal for indoor use. Select models of dry type transformers can work well for medical equipment.
  • Padmount transformers: A tamper-proof design and sealed tank construction as well as the oil cooling method make padmount transformers ideal for outdoor applications. These models are highly suitable for everyday electrical applications.
  • Unit substation and station type transformers: We also offer unit substation and station type transformers on a custom build basis. Each of these transformer types fit different situations and applications.
  • Retrofits and repairs: When your existing transformer has issues, let us assist with repairs or a custom retrofit. Both of these solutions involve us working closely with you to solve the problem.

Benefits of Choosing ELSCO as Your Hospital Transformer Manufacturer

Companies in numerous industries work with ELSCO Transformers, including hospitals. These advantages set us apart from the competition:

  • Industry-leading warranty on dry type transformers: Every new dry type transformer comes with a five-year warranty. Compare this guarantee to the industry standard of one year.
  • Guidance from an experienced team: The key members of our staff have at least 21 years of transformer experience each. They’ll partner with you throughout the transformer purchasing process.
  • Expedited services available: When you need a product or service right away, consider our emergency repairs or quick ship transformers. These options can provide solutions within a few days.

Get More Information About Our Hospital Transformers and Services

Find out what ELSCO Transformers can do for your healthcare facility. Call us at 800-232-9002, request a transformer quote or contact our staff online.

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