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1000 kVA 4160 Delta to 480Y/277 Dry Type Transformer

Dry Type Transformer
Dry Type Transformer

1000 kVA 4160 Delta to 480Y/277 Dry Type Transformer

kVA:  1000
Primary Voltage:  4160 Delta
Secondary Voltage:  480Y/277

ELSCO Transformers stocks 1000 kVA 4160 Delta to 480Y/277 dry type transformers. We are able to ship our transformers in 24 to 48 hours.


Our new indoor dry type transformers carry a five-year warranty that guarantees against any workmanship defects or material problems under regular use.

On our remanufactured indoor dry type units, we provide a three-year warranty. The requirements to keep from voiding the warranty for remanufactured transformers are the same as for new models.

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Transformer Details & Specifications

ELSCO Transformers stocks an extensive catalog of dry type transformers with ratings from 500 to 2500 kVA, including our 1000 kVA 4160 Delta to 480Y/277 unit. This system is optimal for indoor power distribution applications requiring a medium-voltage solution, from manufacturing and industrial facilities to hospitals and educational institutions. Electrical supply houses and building contractors nationwide recommend our products to deliver many years of continuous, reliable service.

This three-phase, four-wire unit features only the highest-quality materials and components, including 100% copper windings, premium-grade insulation and laminated steel cores. Our experts hand-wind the coils and assemble the devices manually to ensure superior accuracy. We incorporate quality control standards into our manufacturing phases, such as the Department of Energy (DOE), the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) and other industry-recognized guidelines.

We have never experienced a product defect or failure through decades of manufacturing dry type transformers. All our new indoor dry type units — including the 1000 kVA 4160 Delta to 480Y/277 — come with a five-year warranty to cover issues related to materials or manufacturing under typical use. Our processes, premium-grade materials and commitment to excellence set us apart from the competition.

We also offer a comprehensive range of services to cover all your transformer needs, from repairs and custom bus work to retrofitting and emergency replacements.

Order a New 1000 kVA 4160 Delta to 480Y/277 Transformer Today

If you need a high-quality 1000 kVA 4160 Delta to 480Y/277 transformer shipped quickly to your location, ELSCO Transformers has you covered. Most new units leave our manufacturing facility within 24 to 48 hours. Complete an online quotation request for pricing or call 800-232-9002 for more information.

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