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Transformers for Universities and Colleges

The Different Parts of a Dry Type Transformer

Many educational institutions have aging electrical infrastructures that require repairs or replacements. Evolving electrical service models and around-the-clock usage make college transformer upkeep critical. By choosing high-quality units, universities can help campus power stay operational.

At ELSCO Transformers, we help universities and colleges find the solutions they need to keep campus power running smoothly. We offer multiple ways to invest in an optimal transformer solution.

Advantages of Campus Power Transformers From ELSCO

Transformers from ELSCO help universities meet campus power needs while staying within budget requirements. The benefits of our catalog for educational institutions include:

  • Reliable materials: Industry-leading materials help create a dependable transformer design. Our medium voltage dry type transformer windings utilize copper which provides better durability and safety than aluminum. We also use Nomex insulation which is the best fire resistant dry type insulation out there from our many years of experience.
  • Remanufacturing options: Allow us to save you money and deliver quality results with a remanufactured transformer. These units feature complete rewinds of both the primary and secondary windings. Our remanufactured products go through rigorous quality testing before reaching your campus.
  • Retrofits and custom bus work available: Many universities have complex electrical systems that require custom solutions. We can develop a retrofit transformer that integrates with the surrounding layout and connections. Our team also offers custom bus work to keep your systems running seamlessly.

Our Catalog of Medium Voltage Transformers for Colleges and Universities

We work with multiple types of medium voltage transformers for educational institutions. Our team builds and reconditions many of our products in our Cincinnati, OH, facility. You can choose from transformer types such as:

  • Dry type transformers: A dry type transformer can function indoors or outdoors with the proper enclosure. At ELSCO, we consider custom dry type units our specialty. We can design and build a dry type transformer for everyday operations or specific devices on campus.
  • Padmount transformers: Ideal for outdoor use, padmount transformers are installed on a sturdy concrete pad. These units use underground lines to supply power to one or more buildings. They also perform well in public spaces such as college campuses because of their tamperproof enclosures.
  • Station type and substation unit transformers: We also work with station type and substation unit transformers. Contact us for more information.

Reasons to Choose ELSCO for Your University’s Next Transformer

Our clients choose us as their medium voltage transformer provider because of advantages such as these:

  • Industry-leading warranty on dry type transformers: All of our new dry type transformers come with an industry best five-year warranty for indoor use. This guarantee far exceeds the market standard of one year.
  • Quick ship and emergency replacement services available: When you have an immediate need for a transformer, we offer quick shipping on select units and emergency replacement services.
  • Top-of-the-line engineering: We build many of our transformers at our Cincinnati, OH, warehouse using entirely manual processes.

Contact Us About Our University Transformers for Your Next Installation

Let us partner with you to find the right transformer for your campus. Find out more about our solutions by contacting our team online, calling us at 800-232-9002 or requesting a transformer quote.

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