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750 kVA 13800 Delta to 480Y/277 Dry Type Transformer

Dry Type Transformer
Dry Type Transformer

750 kVA 13800 Delta to 480Y/277 Dry Type Transformer

kVA:  750
Primary Voltage:  13800 Delta
Secondary Voltage:  480Y/277

ELSCO Transformers stocks 750 kVA 13800 Delta to 480Y/277 dry type transformers. We are able to ship our transformers in 24 to 48 hours.


Our new indoor dry type transformers carry a five-year warranty that guarantees against any workmanship defects or material problems under regular use.

On our remanufactured indoor dry type units, we provide a three-year warranty. The requirements to keep from voiding the warranty for remanufactured transformers are the same as for new models.

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Transformer Details & Specifications

ELSCO Transformers offers one of the market’s most extensive ranges of dry type units, including 750 kVA 13800 Delta to 480Y/277 transformers. With a 13800 Delta primary voltage and a 480Y/277 secondary voltage, this unit can handle various medium-voltage applications in settings from hospitals and manufacturing facilities to colleges and universities. Our experienced team has decades of combined experience helping you choose the most effective transformer system for your unique application.

Our dry type transformers use 100% copper conductors to ensure exceptional mechanical strength and conductivity. Premium-grade materials and high-quality construction create consistent performance, quiet operation and cost-efficiency best suited for indoor operations. Our systems require little or no maintenance and lead the industry with life spans of over 30 years.

Since building our first dry type transformers in 1988, we have experienced zero product failures due to quality, design, quality, materials or manufacturing. Our team hand-assembles every component and manually winds each coil to ensure the highest quality control standards for each unit.  While many other manufacturers offer limited warranties for their products, our new indoor dry type transformers include a comprehensive five-year warranty under regular use in a clean environment.

Choose ELSCO for All Your Transformer Needs

If you’re looking for a medium-voltage, dry type transformer perfect for your unique power application, our vast selection of in-stock units covers your needs. We also offer a lineup of other services to handle your requirements, including custom-built unitsretrofittingbus work and repairs.

Contact us online or call 800-232-9002 today for a quote or additional information.

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