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The Cost of Transformer Failure

The Cost of Transformer Failure

Is your company ready to incur the costs of a transformer failure? Not having a backup can put your operations behind by days until you can get repairs or a replacement. Having a spare transformer can cut downtime. If your company doesn’t have a backup transformer, you still have options to minimize downtime in emergency situations when you need a new transformer installed quickly.

How Much Money Would You Lose If Your Transformer Failed?

How much does your business rely on its medium voltage dry type transformer? The exact amount you would lose depends on your operating profits per minute or hour and how long your company’s production goes down. Knowing these values can help you determine how much money your company could lose from an outage.

How Much Downtime Will Your Business Experience Because of a Dry Type Transformer Failure?

How many minutes will your operations go down from a transformer failure? Minutes matter in business — statistics for various industries put the cost of downtime at between $22,000 per minute to $260,000 per hour. Your company cannot afford to have a transformer fail without a backup plan.

In cases of complete failure, especially due to advanced age or overuse of a transformer, you may have to replace the unit. Minor problems still cause operation delays when you have to wait on a repair team. Minimizing downtime by choosing a fast replacement option will reduce losses and save money.

Do You Have a Spare Transformer On-Site?

Do You Have a Spare Transformer On-Site?

A spare transformer on-site can reduce downtime from days or weeks to hours or minutes. Having a replacement medium voltage dry type transformer readily available could save your company thousands of dollars by cutting downtime.

Due to the initial cost of purchasing power transformers, some companies fail to invest in a backup in case of emergencies. Decision-makers hope that emergencies leading to downtime won’t happen on their watch. But no one knows when an emergency will occur. Having a backup plan is the best safeguard against the future.

Even in a facility with newly installed transformers, natural disasters, such as lightning strikes, could bring down new units, requiring a backup or the delivery of an emergency replacement.

Do You Need Custom Work Done on Your Transformer?

Some transformers need custom work to make installing a replacement unit easier. If you require custom options on a replacement device, consider ordering it now and using it as a spare backup. When you need to replace a failed transformer with a spare, installation occurs quickly because the custom bus work matches the space of your existing model.

Having custom work done on an emergency transformer is especially important because it allows for faster installation once the new transformer arrives. As already noted, every minute counts when it comes to getting your system back online. So, the faster you can get an emergency transformer installed, the less downtime your company will experience.

Transformer Replacement Units

Transformer Replacement Units

Getting a replacement transformer in an emergency requires finding a unit that arrives quickly, installs easily and can provide an investment in the future. When you choose an ELSCO emergency medium voltage dry type transformer, we respond quickly when you contact us for a replacement unit. Our 24-hour response time means that we can take calls even in the middle of the night.

Emergency replacement transformers leave our facility within 24 to 48 hours, getting to your site as quickly as possible. To facilitate installation, we can also provide retrofits or custom bus work for these emergency dry type transformers.

Retrofits for Transformer Replacements

We have a large catalog of medium voltage dry type transformers in stock. When you order a model that requires a retrofit to work with your existing infrastructure, we can get your order to you much faster than the typical 12 month-turnaround times, with transformers often leaving our facility in less than 48 hours.

Retrofit transformers also save money because you can get an upgraded unit that works with the rest of your operations. Your facility may overwork your existing device by increasing the amount of capacity required or overloading the device. These can shorten the lifespan or cause premature failure. Transformers that failed from excessive demands need upgrades to match the needs. Otherwise, the replacement will also fail. Retrofits can save money on higher cost, upgraded models while fitting into the existing transformer’s footprint.

Custom Bus Work for Dry Type Transformer Replacements

If your facility needs to expand, and your current transformer needs upgrading, consider custom bus work to allow your new model to work with your existing setup. With customized bus work, your new transformer can connect to additional equipment such as a Motor Control Center. Customizing the unit allows for standard transformers from our catalog to meet your workplace’s unique challenges.

Custom bus work ensures the new transformer will meet your company’s specific needs. Like retrofits, custom bus work makes the transformers that we have in our catalog fit into your company’s space and power requirements.

Quick Ship Dry Type Transformers Available for Emergencies

When you have an emergency, contact us at ELSCO and request Quick Ship for a medium voltage dry type transformer. We take no longer than 48 hours to ensure the unit leaves our facility. After that, it will arrive at your business for prompt installation. Even when doing custom bus work or retrofitting the transformers, we will strive to get them sent from our facility as quickly as possible.

Our medium voltage dry type transformers that we ship for emergencies match the quality of those we offer for long-lasting operation. This new emergency transformer can operate for years with proper maintenance and use.

We understand that businesses rely on keeping downtime at a minimum. We accept calls 24 hours and provide emergency products for Quick Ship to leave our site within 48 hours. These services help ensure that your company gets back to operations as quickly as possible.

Contact ELSCO for an Emergency Transformer Replacement

Contact ELSCO for an Emergency Transformer Replacement

For the industry’s fastest emergency dry type transformer replacements, trust us at ELSCO. Our Quick Ship advantage means that you get your new unit faster than other companies in the industry can deliver. Plus, with high-quality and medium voltage, the emergency replacement unit can serve as a trusted backup device for years to come. Get answers to your questions about our emergency transformer replacement services, including custom retrofitting or how to get a quote, by contacting us at ELSCO.