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Manufacturing companies require many levels of electrical power for their operations. Various voltage and current levels are needed to perform electroplating, welding and support complex manufacturing processes. ELSCO transformers come in heavy-duty options for intensive use by manufacturers.

Continuous Process and Automation

Process industries need reliable uninterrupted electrical power in order to operate 24/7.

The hourly cost of downtime due to a transformer failure can be very high. Even if a plant can switch automatically between paralleled transformers; the failed transformer must be replaced promptly. Automated plants and warehouses also require reliable electrical power to operate safely and efficiently. ELSCO specializes in emergency transformer replacements to quickly restore lost power in these industries.

Just-in-Time Suppliers

Just-in-time suppliers synchronize their delivery schedules to their customer’s production schedule so that they can deliver parts and components exactly when needed. Failure to deliver “just-in-time” can result in penalties, and a power outage due to a transformer failure can a be very costly to both parties. ELSCO specializes in emergency transformer replacements to minimize downtime and provide backup transformers in these situations.

Colleges and Universities

With universities serving as self-contained places for living and learning, they need versatile power solutions. Dependable transformer systems keep students and faculty safe while providing reliable power. At ELSCO, we thoroughly test our transformers at multiple manufacturing stages to give you a product you can count on. Our dry-type transformers run cool and quiet and can be installed safely indoors in classroom and dormitory buildings as well as in university power plants.

Hospitals and Medical Centers

Hospitals and medical centers maintain various types of specialized equipment for everyday work as well as for life-saving medical procedures. These facilities utilize transformers to transmit power at appropriate voltages to many different machines. The reliability of electrical power is always a key concern. ELSCO transformers are highly efficient and reliable and are available in custom configurations to meet the specific needs of healthcare facilities.

Electrical Utilities

Transformers are an absolute necessity for electric utility providers. At ELSCO, we provide medium voltage transformers that are reliable in industrial applications. Our products assist utility companies with stepping up and stepping down voltages between locations to provide safe levels for end users. In many instances an ELSCO transformer is installed and owned by the utility company.

Correctional Facilities

A correctional facility needs continuous power to protect inmates and keep operations running. Some locations also include electrical shops that have certain power requirements. Our transformers provide dependable power that helps correctional facilities stay safe and efficient.

Electrical Contractors

Our team also builds ongoing business relationships with medium voltage contractors who install and maintain transformers. Electricians who want to provide their clients with impeccable results and long-term solutions invest in our products. We give them the support they need to deliver quality service to their customers.

Electrical Supply Houses

We partner with electrical supply houses for product distribution transformers and refurbishing. Electrical suppliers count on our products for their top of the line performance and long lifespans. Our relationships with electrical supply houses enable us to add high-quality transformers to the electrical market.

Why Do These Industries Partner with ELSCO Transformers?

Clients across all industries choose us as their industrial transformer provider because of the benefits we offer such as:

Decades of experience: Each of our key staff members has more than 22 years of experience in the transformer industry. They use this expertise to bring you market-leading solutions.

Rush shipping available: Our quick-ship units leave our facility within 24 to 48 hours. We offer this option for dry type and oil filled padmount transformers.

A history of reliability: During our 33-year history of designing and manufacturing dry type transformers, we’ve had no warranty issues or failures due to workmanship, quality, design or materials. We strive to continue this trend permanently.

Five-year warranty on dry type transformers: All our new dry type transformers come with an industry best five-year warranty for indoor operation. This warranty period goes above and beyond the standard one-year warranty.

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