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500 kVA 13800 Delta to 480Y/277 Dry Type Transformer

Dry Type Transformer
Dry Type Transformer

500 kVA 13800 Delta to 480Y/277 Dry Type Transformer

kVA:  500
Primary Voltage:  13800 Delta
Secondary Voltage:  480Y/277

ELSCO Transformers stocks 500 kVA 13800 Delta to 480Y/277 dry type transformers. We are able to ship our transformers in 24 to 48 hours.


Our new indoor dry type transformers carry a five-year warranty that guarantees against any workmanship defects or material problems under regular use.

On our remanufactured indoor dry type units, we provide a three-year warranty. The requirements to keep from voiding the warranty for remanufactured transformers are the same as for new models.

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500 kVA 13800 Delta to 480Y/277

At ELSCO Transformers, we maintain a stock of 500 kVA 13800 Delta dry type transformers to satisfy a range of medium voltage applications. These models have a secondary voltage of 480Y/277, allowing for 480 volts between any two phases.

This medium voltage unit is suitable for a wide range of industrial applications. The dry type design supports indoor storage close to your systems. This proximity prevents unwanted voltage drop that often occurs with other transformer types, allowing you to get the most power from your unit.

ELSCO Transformers designs dry type transformers for reliable performance across applications. Since 1988, we have had zero failures or warranty issues with our dry type systems. This dedication to quality enables us to offer an industry-leading five-year warranty on every new dry type transformer, including the 500 kVA 13800 Delta to 480Y/277.

For more unique dry type transformer demands, we can retrofit our new dry types to suit your existing setup. With our custom bus work capabilities and attention to every specification in your setup, our retrofitting services lead to a functional, “plug and play” unit that comes with a much shorter lead time than a custom one.

Buy the 500 kVA 3800 Delta to 480Y/277 Dry Type Transformer Today

ELSCO Transformers offers the 500 kVA 13800 Delta to 480Y/277 with quick ship to help your operation maintain its power requirements. When you contact us for this in-stock unit, we can get it on the road within 24 to 48 hours. Request a quote today to receive information on pricing.

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