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Transformer Services

Transformer Technician servicing a transformer.

ELSCO's Comprehensive Transformer Service Options

At ELSCO Transformers, we do everything we can to respond quickly and effectively to all your transformer maintenance needs. We work with multiple kinds of transformers, including oil filled and dry type. Our five-year warranty on our new medium voltage dry types helps protect the people who call upon our services. If you need a new transformer unit right away, we also have 24-hour to 48-hour quick ship options for padmount and dry type transformers.

All our key team members have been working solely in the transformer industry for over 20 years. If you’re looking for precision and experience, our medium voltage transformer services will see that every connection and component fits your specific requirements. We manage setup, troubleshooting, cleaning, testing and more for your transformer system — our dry type replacements even come with anti-vibration pads to cut down on noise issues.

Transformer Technician servicing a transformer.

Transformer Service and Maintenance Capabilities

ELSCO provides and services dry type and padmount transformers. We use the latest technology and durable materials for every system we build or maintain so that you have a reliable energy output source whatever your application. Services we offer include:

General Repairs

Is your transformer failing due to wear and tear? If so, we offer medium voltage transformer repairs that can keep almost any system running longer. With regular transformer maintenance, you can ensure significant issues won’t interrupt your daily routines, and we’ll return your unit to pristine condition. Our engineers, winders and shop leaders work together as an experienced team to offer transformer repair services with results that outlast those of competitors — sometimes for decades.

Emergency Replacement Services

If a sudden transformer failure brings operations at your facility to a halt, we offer emergency replacement services to help you get back on track. These days, it is common — and often more logical — to replace a transformer rather than repair it so you can take advantage of the advanced features of newer models.

ELSCO Transformers stocks a large selection of dry type and padmount transformers in various kVA ratings and voltages, and we’re ready to offer you fast emergency replacement services at a moment’s notice. We dispatch all transformer parts within 24 to 48 hours, depending on which modifications we need to make. Our response time for emergency replacements is typically 24 hours or less, allowing major businesses to reduce downtime and expenses. Call (800) 232-9002 if you have an emergency.


Our oil-filled and dry type transformer services come with a variety of retrofitting options. We’ll replace your old transformer with a new, customized unit to meet your unique needs. With the future in mind, we will retrofit your transformer, ensuring your system can meet increased capacity requirements. This means that if you need custom bus work on a dry type to match up with your high-voltage and low-voltage gear – we’ve got you covered, as that is our specialty. We can retrofit your transformer with our new dry type or padmount stock units or custom-build a unit for your facility.


When a system needs more than a simple repair, we have the resources to rebuild your transformer completely. ELSCO rebuilds consist of new windings and new oil, gauges and bushings if needed. We make sure everything fits all your previous specifications.


Sometimes, a transformer coil can fail due to moisture or other significant issues. If your existing wire is worn out or damaged, but the rest of your system is in fine working order, opt for a rewind. Our expert winders can replace your transformer coil or add new wires with different specifications to better meet your needs.

Custom Builds

Looking to build a transformer system from the ground up? If we don’t stock a transformer that meets your voltage requirements, we can build a customized unit that will. Along with purpose-built dry type and padmount transformers, we provide custom bus work to make your unit ideal for specific requirements.

ELSCO works with manufacturing facilities, hospitals, utility companies and more to provide fast, individualized transformer service.

Why ELSCO for Transformer Service and Maintenance?

Choose ELSCO for padmount and dry type transformer repairs, retrofits or rebuilds and benefit from the following:

  • Custom transformer solutions: Each transformer is unique. Our masterful team has worked on thousands of units in many different settings, and we’ll offer you custom services to ensure your transformer meets your voltage needs.
  • Durable transformers: Since 1988, ELSCO has not experienced a single failure on our dry type transformers. We confidently offer you superior products and services.
  • Quick service: With an extensive stock catalog readily available, we offer quick dispatch times to ensure you get your products quickly.

Put the ELSCO Team to Work

Confidently rely on our expert team for all your transformer needs. With long-lasting products and quality services, ELSCO will ensure you receive the right voltage to keep your facility running strong. Call us at 800-232-9002 or request a quote and let’s discuss how we can serve your operation.

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