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Medium Voltage Transformers for Just-In-Time Suppliers

The Different Parts of a Dry Type Transformer

Medium Voltage Transformers for Just-In-Time Suppliers

Just-in-time (JIT) suppliers require uninterrupted power supplies 24/7. Customers trust the facilities to deliver products when needed. ELSCO Transformers dry type and padmount transformers provide JIT suppliers with reliable power, including in times of emergencies.

We ship transformers all across the country. Let us help you power your factory so customers can trust you as a consistent partner.

Benefits of ELSCO Transformers for Just-In-Time Suppliers

Just-in-time inventory systems utilize multiple machines that enable them to fulfill orders instantly. We employ experienced engineers and technicians who design transformers that can last over 30 years. Our team verifies your power needs and specifications and custom-makes a unit that fits the available space.

We design transformer windings with copper to minimize heat loss. Copper lasts for years, contributing to the long life of ELSCO Transformers’ products. Our team also uses laminated steel cores that add to the strength of the transformer.

Our engineers design custom transformers that enable you to optimize your current space. We use highly developed design software so our team can build every part to your specifications.

Our customer service team responds to your request fast. They communicate everything you need to know from when the design is complete to when the device leaves our facility. The technicians can answer your questions before and after the sales process.

Dry Type Transformers for Just-In-Time Suppliers

We have produced dry type transformers with zero failures since 1988. The systems’ cooling process uses dry air, making them low-maintenance. The equipment requires minimal handling and operates efficiently in an indoor setup that is dry and has a low risk of flooding.

Padmount Transformers for Just-In-Time Suppliers

Padmount transformers are suitable for just-in-time suppliers located near public spaces. They often connect to underground power systems and use mineral oil in the cooling process. We fit these devices with multiple features that include:

  • Bayonet current sensing fuses
  • Lightning arresters
  • Pressure relief valves
  • Temperature gauges
  • Drain valves

Our engineers can retrofit these transformers with custom electrostatic shields and short-circuit strengths.

Services for Just-In-Time Suppliers

Companies work with just-in-time suppliers who need to be responsive and have dynamic solutions. A new ELSCO Transformers device enables your production to run continuously so you can deliver components when your customers need them. Depending on your plant capacity, you can choose a device with a power rating from 500 kVA to 2500 kVA. Our new dry type transformers come with a five-year warranty for indoor use.

We replace old transformers with new standard systems. Our technicians can work with your facility managers to customize a new VaporTran transformer model. Our engineers supervise the production process to ensure each unit is high quality. When you order a standard replacement, the system leaves our facility within 24 to 48 hours, and a technician will notify you when to expect your delivery.

When your capacity increases, we replace your old transformer with a retrofit. Our experts can customize a new system to fit your current room. We install features that enable the transformer to generate enough power to accommodate the new capacity.

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