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Medium Voltage Transformers for Electrical Supply Houses

The Different Parts of a Dry Type Transformer

Electrical supply houses need to offer superior quality and variety to serve their customers best. By including higher-end options in their catalogs, suppliers can build trust and deliver solutions that last. Electrical supply companies can meet these goals by partnering with the right manufacturer.

At ELSCO Transformers, we provide electrical suppliers with top-quality medium voltage transformers. We use industry-leading approaches to manufacturing and customer service that results in a better product for your customers.

Benefits of Working With ELSCO Transformers for Electrical Suppliers

We dedicate ourselves to building transformers for electrical supply houses that last. The benefits of our units include:

  • American manufacturing: Our team makes every transformer at our Cincinnati, Ohio, facility. We take a careful approach to manufacturing that involves zero automated processes because our transformers are hand crafted. This meticulous operation helps us ensure that each unit delivers top-notch results.
  • Top-quality materials: We use the best materials in the business to maximize each transformer’s lifespan. Our copper windings and lower degree C rise generates less heat which protects the contents of the unit for longer lasting performance. We also use Nomex insulation, a material with one of the highest temperature classes available.
  • Thorough excellence testing: Every transformer goes through extensive testing at various steps of manufacturing and we follow strict standards to make sure that you get a high-performance transformer each and every time.
  • Cost optimization: During manufacturing, we carefully cut each component to use the smallest amount of materials necessary. This process leads to fairer pricing.

Our Catalog of Electrical Supply House Transformers

Choose from a variety of medium voltage transformers for outdoor and indoor applications. Our catalog features these options:

  • Dry type transformers: At ELSCO, dry type transformers are our specialty. These models can serve your customers indoors or outdoors, depending on the enclosure they choose. Our catalog of dry type units features the widest range of voltage ratings out of our options.
  • Padmount transformers: Padmount transformers operate outdoors and provide power to one or more buildings. You can offer these units to customers who need an option with built-in security. Our padmount models have lockable doors that protect components from the public due to the tamperproof designs.
  • Station type and unit substation transformers: Depending on what your inventory needs, we can also provide unit substation and station type transformers. Please contact us for more information about these choices.

Reasons to Pick ELSCO as Your Transformer Manufacturer

We consider our partnerships with electrical supply houses critical to our business. As our partner, you’ll enjoy advantages over the competition such as:

  • Industry-best warranty on dry type transformers: Every brand new dry type transformer comes with a five-year manufacturer’s warranty. With most competitors offering a standard one-year guarantee, your customers will notice the effort we put into their satisfaction.
  • Experienced team: All of the major participants in the manufacturing and selling processes each have more than 21 years of experience in the business. From start to finish, you’ll work with industry experts throughout our partnership.
  • High reliability: Our history of building our own dry type units goes back to 1988 and involves zero warranty issues or failures.

Contact Our Team for More Information

Learn more about our transformers for electrical supply houses by calling us at 800-232-9002, contacting our experts online or submitting a request for a quote.

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