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ELSCO Transformers is committed to offering our Cincinnati customers high-performance transformer systems that provide decades of uninterrupted service. We design and manufacture various transformer types with primary voltages of 2,400 to 34,500 and kVA ratings of 500 to 2,500. We also provide an extensive service range to handle your requirements, from retrofits and custom builds to repairs and emergency replacements.



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    Dry Type Transformer

    Types of Products We Offer in Cincinnati and Surrounding Ohio Regions

    ELSCO Transformers is the leading provider of customized and stock transformers in Greater Cincinnati and the surrounding area. We offer medium-voltage transformers to cover your commercial or industrial needs, including:

    • Dry type transformers: Our high-quality dry type transformers provide superior performance for indoor applications because they use no flammable coolants. These designs feature 100% copper windings, laminated steel cores and premium-grade insulation to achieve maximum efficiency. We hand-wind and assemble these units at our Cincinnati facility to ensure optimal quality control.
    • Padmount transformers: Our padmount transformers are ground-installed distribution systems enclosed in a metal case mounted to a concrete pad. The security and safety of these tamper-proof units make them ideal for installations accessible by the public, including schools, restaurants, retail outlets and entertainment venues. Our padmount transformers are oil-filled and can contain either aluminum or copper windings.

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    Dry Type Transformer

    Our In-Stock & Ready to Ship Dry Type Transformer Selection

    500 to 2,500 kVA Transformers In-Stock

    ESLCO Workers building a dry type transformer

    Transformer Services in Cincinnati

    ELSCO Transformers offers the services your Cincinnati business needs to keep your electrical power running without interruption, including:

    • Custom bus work: We offer custom bus work for our dry type transformers in retrofit or replacement applications to ensure a perfect fit with your current system.
    • Transformer retrofits: Our retrofitting services involve customizing a new dry type or padmount transformer to your system requirements, ensuring a fast installation and a precise fit. Because we tailor our retrofits to your specifications, these units perform well beyond a typical stock transformer.
    • Custom-built transformers: Our engineers design and manufacture customized medium-voltage transformers to meet particular voltage step-down system requirements.
    • Emergency replacements: If you need an emergency transformer replacement, we stock multiple transformer types in various ratings and voltages that we can ship to you within one to two days.
    • Transformer repairs: ELSCO has been rebuilding and reconditioning transformers for over a century, specializing in transformer repair services for commercial and industrial applications. We offer replacement, repair and rewind services for medium-voltage padmount or dry type designs.

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    Benefits of Choosing ELSCO Transformers

    Purchasing a new transformer from ELSCO for your Cincinnati organization means receiving dependable, efficient electrical power for decades, even in round-the-clock applications. Because we use only the highest-quality materials and advanced manufacturing methods, you’ll benefit from higher performance with fewer maintenance expenses. We offer customized solutions with various ratings and voltages for a broad industry range, including manufacturing facilities, health care organizations, educational facilities, construction companies, general contractors and more.

    Our quick-ship capabilities and plug-and-play connection options offer significant savings during installation while minimizing unwanted downtime.

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    The ELSCO Transformers team understands how critical a highly functional and reliable transformer can be to your Cincinnati organization. We strive to provide fast and dependable service, whether you need a new unit, a repair or a retrofit. Connect with us online today to request a quote.

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