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At ELSCO Transformers, we understand how critical power is to your Detroit operation. That’s why we offer a comprehensive range of medium-voltage transformer products and services to cover your needs, from dry type and padmount transformers to system repair and emergency replacements. We aim to provide you with the solution best suited to your system requirements while delivering many decades of reliable service.




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    Dry Type Transformer

    Types of Transformers We Supply to Detroit and Surrounding Michigan Areas

    ELSCO offers an extensive range of stock and custom transformers in Detroit and across Michigan, including:

    • Dry type transformers: Although dry type transformers work in indoor and outdoor applications, they excel indoors because they operate cool and contain no flammable chemicals. These units feature premium-grade insulation, laminated steel cores and 100% copper windings to maximize performance and efficiency. We manufacture these systems locally in the United States to ensure the highest quality.
    • Padmount transformers: Padmount transformers are ideal for outdoor applications in all weather conditions. These units install on a concrete pad and contain lockable front doors for extra security in public places near stores, schools or entertainment venues. Padmount designs work well in residential and commercial applications requiring safe, secure connections to underground installations.

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    Dry Type Transformer

    Our In-Stock & Ready to Ship Dry Type Transformer Selection

    500 to 2,500 kVA Transformers In-Stock

    ESLCO Workers building a dry type transformer

    Transformer Services We Offer in Detroit

    ELSCO provides a comprehensive range of services for medium-voltage transformers throughout the Detroit area, including:

    • Transformer retrofits: Retrofitting from ELSCO Transformers means you receive a new dry type or padmount transformer customized to your system requirements and specific dimensions. Our plug-and-play connections optimize installation to ensure the fastest results.
    • Custom bus work: Retrofit transformers with custom bus work fit precisely in your old transformer’s space, meaning you don’t need to build new enclosures or rework any connections.
    • Transformer repairs: ELSCO has specialized in transformer repairs and rebuilds since 1912, ensuring that your unit will perform at optimal capacity for as long as possible.
    • Emergency replacements: We offer emergency replacement transformers delivered in as little as one to two days, helping organizations across Michigan maintain productivity and minimize downtime.
    • Custom-built transformers: Our custom-built transformers provide solutions to customers with unique system requirements. Our engineers will design a unit to optimize system performance and make the most of your investment.

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    Advantages of Choosing ELSCO Transformers

    At ELSCO Transformers, we aim to understand your transformer requirements and help you determine a solution to maximize performance and provide the best value in the long run. Whether you need a stock transformer, a custom build or an emergency replacement, we prioritize all your requirements with the highest urgency. When your new transformer arrives, you know it will fit precisely and all the electrical connections will match.

    We have offered the industry’s best transformers to organizations across the United States for decades, delivering solutions that typically last years longer than similar products from competitors.

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    If you’re looking for a dependable company that can handle all your medium-voltage transformer needs in Detroit and the surrounding areas, ELSCO Transformers is the answer. With over a century of expertise, we offer organizations the highest-quality products and services backed by the industry’s best warranties. Call 800-232-9002 or contact us online today to request a quote.

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