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When Do Most Transformers Begin to Fail?

Aside from regular maintenance requirements, most operations only pay attention to their transformers once they begin failing. In a perfect world, a new transformer will provide continuous, uninterrupted service for several decades. However, lesser-quality builds often produce much shorter life spans, resulting in power interruptions and unwanted downtime.

Initials Signs of Transformer Failure

When a transformer fails, it can cause damage to valuable equipment, result in costly repairs and pose significant safety risks if not addressed immediately. Some of the early warning signs that a transformer is failing include:

  • Unusual noises: Because transformers are relatively quiet when working correctly, odd noises indicate something is not functioning as it should. If you hear buzzing or humming that’s not usually present, it could be a sign you need to replace the unit.
  • Vibration changes: Although transformers generally vibrate naturally, excessive vibrations often mean one or more components could be faulty, including the anti-vibration pads that provide critical shock absorption.
  • Power fluctuations: While a surge can cause immediate damage to your unit, it could also produce unnoticed harm that can lead to later failure. If you notice changes in the transformer’s windings and coils, a professional should evaluate its condition and ability to perform.
  • Insulation color changes: In many cases, the color of your transformer’s insulation can indicate its overall health. If there’s a difference in color between the top and bottom coils, it typically means your transformer is overheating.

Why ELSCO Transformers Last Longer

Operating time and temperature are usually the primary factors affecting a transformer’s life span. ELSCO Transformers uses the highest-quality insulation available — including Class H Dupont Nomex — to insulate the primary and secondary windings. We design our units for a 115-degree temperature rise over an ambient 30 degrees Celsius, leaving a cushion of 75 degrees to withstand heat from abnormal power conditions or temporary overloading.

Our dry type transformers require less maintenance and deliver a longer service life than other products because we combine the industry’s top manufacturing expertise with premium materials. Due to their increased resistance to short circuits and excessive heating, our units provide an expected life span of over 30 years. Since we began building dry type transformers in 1988, we have experienced zero product failures stemming from materials, design or workmanship.

Learn More With ELSCO Transformers

If you notice signs that your transformer is underperforming, it’s best to address the issue immediately. ELSCO Transformers offers a comprehensive range of services to cover your needs, from in-stock units and custom builds to transformer repairs and emergency replacements.

Contact us online or call 800-232-9002 today for a quote or to request additional product information.

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