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Consistent power is essential for productivity, and you rely on your transformer’s uninterrupted operation for everything from keeping the lights on to impressing your customers, patients, students and other guests. Prevent transformer-related outages or recover from an emergency with a new unit from ELSCO Transformers.

We stock medium-voltage dry type and padmount transformers for professionals in a variety of industries. Browse our catalog to find direct-fit solutions for your power system. We also finish the custom work you need within our facility prior to shipping.

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    Cities We Service in Connecticut

    Although ELSCO Transformers services all of Connecticut, we have experience working with companies in the following cities:


    • Bridgeport

    • Bristol

    • Danbury

    • East Hartford

    • Enfield

    • Fairfield


    • Greenwich

    • Hamden

    • Hartford

    • Manchester

    • Meriden

    • Middletown


    • Milford

    • New Britain

    • New Haven

    • Norwalk

    • Shelton

    • Southington


    • Stamford

    • Stratford

    • Wallingford

    • Waterbury

    • West Hartford

    • West Haven

    Dry Type Transformer

    We Sell Stock and Custom Dry Type Transformers for Connecticut Companies

    Order dry type transformers from ELSCO Transformers to convert high-voltage currents with an air-cooled system. The coils inside these dry type units have polyester varnish coatings to reduce the likelihood of a fire. Oil-free operation eliminates leaks and prevents contamination, so you can use dry-type devices in environments with sensitive liquids and chemicals without pollution.

    Other benefits of our dry type transformers include:

    • Use in any environment: Our indoor/outdoor units perform well in dry and damp conditions.
    • Simple installation: Some custom dry type devices can be fabricated with plug-and-play connections.
    • Built for longevity: The experts at ELSCO Transformers manufacture systems with materials like aluminum and copper for 30-year life spans.
    • Considerate warranties: We offer a five-year warranty that protects against labor and material issues.

    Learn More About Our Dry Type Transformers

    Dry Type Transformer

    Our In-Stock & Ready to Ship Dry Type Transformer Selection

    500 to 2,500 kVA Transformers In-Stock

    Padmount Transformer

    We Offer Padmount Transformers for Your Team in Connecticut

    Padmount transformers require mineral oil or natural ester fluid for temperature regulation. You can order in-stock and built-to-order configurations for high-foot-traffic areas where connection to underground power lines is essential.

    Padmount units sit on concrete pads and have lockable doors to ensure safety without a large fenced enclosure, making them ideal for busy residential and commercial buildings.

    Learn More About Our Padmount Transformers

    The Best Choice for Transformer Retrofits and Custom Bus Work

    As a full-service transformer manufacturer, we offer retrofitting services to ensure your new unit fits your facility’s system. Our experienced team will work with you to identify your electricity needs and design a transformer that aligns with your scaling requirements and existing power system.

    When you need to replace an outdated transformer or upgrade your facility’s power capacity, custom bus work services from ELSCO Transformers ensure a perfect fit. Have us arrange bus bars and select the right cabling for your setup.

    Solve Problems With Our Emergency Replacement Services

    When you need a transformer replacement on an expedited timeline, trust ELSCO Transformers for emergency replacement services. Reach out to our Quick Response Team for a response within 24 hours.

    Restore your power system as fast as possible. Emergency replacement requests for in-stock devices from our catalog leave our facility within 24 to 48 hours for rapid delivery. Rather than acting as a temporary fix, these solutions provide reliable power conversion for decades.

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    Upgrade your transformer and percent downtime stemming from malfunctions with a new medium-voltage dry type or padmount system from ELSCO Transformers. You can reach out to our experts for a quote today.

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