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coils of copper sheets

Copper vs. Aluminum Dry Type Transformer Windings

August 11, 2020

Dry type transformers typically feature either copper or aluminum windings, also known as coils. Transformer windings refer to the coils within the transformer that draw and distribute power inside the unit. There are typically two windings in a dry type transformer — one that draws power from the source and another that transfers that power […]

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Guide to Oil-Filled Transformer Maintenance

Guide to Oil-Filled Transformer Maintenance

August 6, 2020

Jump To: Routine Maintenance for Oil-Filled Transformers Daily Maintenance Weekly & Monthly Maintenance Yearly Maintenance Oil-Filled Transformer Maintenance Checklist Potential Problems with Oil-Filled Transformers The Benefits of Preventive Maintenance for Oil-Filled Transformers Transformer Inspections Regular maintenance is a major part of keeping your oil-filled transformers in good working condition. Without scheduled upkeep, your transformers will […]

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Guide to Transformer KVA ratings - How to Determine what Size Transformer You Need.

Guide to Transformer kVA Ratings — How to Determine What Size Transformer You Need

July 31, 2020

Jump To: How to Determine kVA Size Calculating kVA Size Start Factor Specialty Considerations Standard Transformer Sizes How to Determine Load Voltage How to Determine Secondary Voltage How to Determine Primary Voltage Single-Phase kVA Ratings Three-Phase kVA Ratings In many industries, including health care, manufacturing, electrical contracting, higher education and corrections, reliable, high-quality transformers are […]

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Guide to Dry Type Transformer Maintenance

Guide to Dry Type Transformer Maintenance

May 5, 2020

Jump To: Maintenance of Dry Type Transformer While Energized Maintenance While Dry Type Transformer is De-energized Checking Dry Type Transformers for Potential Problems or Defects Tests to Conduct for Routine Maintenance Preventive Maintenance Checklist for Dry Type Transformer Keep your dry type transformer running with regular service and inspections. Use this routine dry type transformer […]

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Dry-Type vs. Liquid Transformers.

Dry-Type vs. Liquid Transformers

April 6, 2020

Jump To: Dry Type vs. Liquid Transformers Air-Cooled Transformers Liquid-Insulated Transformers Safety Requirements & Environmental Considerations Maintenance Considerations Equipment Size Requirements & Capacity Site Selection & Application Benefits and Drawbacks of Liquid Transformers Advantages and Disadvantages of Dry Type Transformers A transformer allows you to use lower voltages of electricity for various applications. In most […]

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DOE Efficiency Stands for Transformers.

DOE Efficiency Standards for Transformers

April 3, 2020

Jump To: What Are The DOE Efficiency Standards? Benefits of Efficiency Standards to the Customer and the Industry How to Comply With Efficiency Standards Impacts of DOE Regulations and Compliant Transformers More than 40% of the energy used in the U.S. is consumed by building operations, including the electrical equipment and appliances within those buildings. While this […]

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Dry Type Transformers ready to be shipped.

Can You Answer These Questions About Your Transformer?

November 7, 2019

Transformers are often an afterthought. They don’t experience failures that often – but when they do, the costs can be devastating. The biggest impact for an unplanned failure is the cost for your facility to not have power. How long can your facility be without power? For some manufacturers, every hour could cost you tens […]

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Two ELSCO technicans working on a dry type transformer.

4 Signs Your Dry Type Transformer Needs To Be Repaired—Fast

October 23, 2019

Transformers are integral to the prolonged success of any operation. That’s why it’s important to be proactive about replacing your transformer. Typically, a quality transformer should last for a decade, but often, lesser quality builds will fail well before that. Transformer failure can have steep costs in time and money. Evaluate your dry-type transformer and […]

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Getting a Cheap Transformer — What You’re Not Paying For

October 2, 2019

In a perfect world, mechanical breakdown wouldn’t happen. After all, every piece of mechanical infrastructure comes with significant costs, and it would be ideal if they could all last forever. Unfortunately, breakdowns are very real, and the cost of transformer repairs and maintenance can be high. When it comes to transformers, a low-quality unit could potentially […]

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Electrical coil.

What Car Shopping Can Teach You About Transformer Shopping

July 5, 2019

Remember the first car you ever bought yourself? It was likely a huge, exciting decision that set the tone for how you made future big purchases. The careful, logical mindset we develop when shopping for a car is a valuable tool, and we can apply it when looking to make other big investments. For example, […]

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