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Average Lead Times of Dry Type Transformers in 2023

Disruptions to the national supply chain have increased lead times across industries. For mission-critical systems, like transformers, these long lead times can cause undue downtime. It’s important to understand the expected lead times for 2023 and how you can address transformer needs despite supply chain challenges.

How Long Does It Take to Get a Dry Type Transformer?

The average lead time for dry type transformers depends on whether you opt for an in-stock unit that can be modified to fit your HV & LV gear or a custom build to order unit. With supply chain issues, the build to order option can come with long lead times, ranging from 30 weeks to well over a year if the design and material requirements are complex or on backlog.

Dry type transformers often have long material lead time because they need metals like core steel, copper and aluminum wire. Additionally, manufacturers need to source insulation materials.

The supply chain outlook for 2023 shows minimal changes from the past couple of years. These disruptions affect materials sourcing and the shipping of units to their end users. If you think you may need a new dry type transformer in the next few years, ordering it well ahead of time is the best approach.

ELSCO Transformers Resolves Lead Time Challenges

ELSCO Transformers understands the challenges of lead times for dry type transformers, and we strive to solve the problem with our retrofitting services. Our experienced team designs, manufactures and maintains a stock of dry type transformers that we modify to your unique applications.

Your existing transformer setup is unlike any other facility or business. With our retrofitting services, we can provide a dry type transformer ranging from 500 KVA to 2500 KVA with primary voltages of 2400, 4160, 12470, 13200, 13800, or 14400 volts. With a superior round coil disc wound design with step lap mitered core, you can expect long-lasting performance which is why we offer an industry best 5-year warranty for indoor use in a clean environment.

Our team can also provide custom bus work on your dry type transformer to ensure the bus bars align with your facility’s low voltage gear and high voltage cabling to our high voltage gear. This customization process allows for ease of installation and addresses any unique challenges, like the need to connect a Motor Control Center (MCC).

When we provide retrofitting services for an in-stock unit, we can get your dry type transformer on the road in as little as 24 to 48 hours.

Buy a Dry Type Transformer From ELSCO Transformers

Buy a Dry Type Transformer From ELSCO Transformers

ELSCO Transformers understands the importance of a reliable dry type transformer on a condensed timeline. With our solutions, you can get the unit you need, when you need it. Request a quote today.

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