Building Your Transformer

It’s about more than just the specs.

Poor quality is the #1 cause of unplanned failures. The ELSCO process is what makes the difference between a transformer that lasts you 30 years, and one that fails in 2 years.

1. Select The Right Transformer System

Choosing the right transformer for you is not just about the specs. Low quality is the number one reason transformers fail, which costs you money. Especially if it’s an unplanned failure. We ask:

  • What type of transformer will best suite your needs?
  • How much money can the right transformer save you each month?
  • How well will it fit into your existing space?
  • How often do you really want to be replacing your transformer if you don’t have to?

2. Use The Best Materials

ELSCO uses the best possible materials for all their hand-built transformers.

  • We use copper for both our high and low voltage windings because it’s a better conductor than aluminum, is better for short circuit strength, and is more durable over time.
  • ELSCO only stocks one temperature class of insulation, which is the highest at 200 degrees Celsius.
  • We use DuPont Nomex insulation throughout the transformer coil.
  • We use SG 200 fiberglass solid insulation for our molds and barriers, instead of a flexible insulation. 

3. Build Your Transformer by Hand

Our transformers are built by hand to ensure the best quality. Automated manufacturing can contribute to the number one reason for an unplanned failure: poor build quality.

Automated construction allows for manufacturing mistakes that jeopardize the efficiency and longevity of your transformer system. Observe the many details and steps of our hand-built process in the video on the left.

4. Finally, It’s tested one final time to reveal its percent power factor rating

ELSCO uses the best possible materials for all their hand-built transformers.

  1. We test it after winding the low voltage.
  2. We test it again after winding the high voltage.
  3. We test it again after the core is stacked.
  4. We test the fully assembled unit after we mig weld the bus bars.
  5. We varnish the entire unit before it goes into its 7-9 day bake cycle to make sure the varnish is completely cured with no moisture.
  6. Finally, it’s tested one final time to reveal its power factor rating. ELSCO’s are consistently around 0.3%. Most other transformers rate closer to 1%, even though industry requirements mandate that they must rate at or below a 1%.

5. Install Your Transformer

Installation is often an overlooked part of ensuring your transformer system runs efficiently and stands the test of time. We make sure all ELSCO transformers:

  • “Fits like a glove” with your building’s existing electrical connections, requiring no custom workaround or contractor work
  • Our quality build ensures that the transformer will make very little noise when running. Some customers didn’t think our unit was running because it was so quiet.
  • Our anti-vibration rubber pads ensure that the transformer will minimally vibrate when it’s running.
  • Fits in the existing enclosure or space, if that’s an issue.

We care about the right set-up because you care about saving money.

The wrong set-up might save you a few bucks today, but it could cost you a lot of headache and money in the future.

Think you might be interested in a custom built transformer, which offers the greatest value and savings over the course of the transformer’s lifetime?


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