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What Car Shopping Can Teach You About Transformer Shopping

Electrical coil.

Remember the first car you ever bought yourself? It was likely a huge, exciting decision that set the tone for how you made future big purchases. The careful, logical mindset we develop when shopping for a car is a valuable tool, and we can apply it when looking to make other big investments. For example, here are just a few things you can learn from buying a car that can inform and improve the process of buying a transformer.

Lesson #1: You Get What You Pay For

We all have opinions on what manufacturers make the best cars. These opinions are shaped by experience and research. We develop a basic understanding of value: the more you invest in something, the more likely you are to have a positive experience with it long term.

We understand this with cars, and it applies to transformers as well. Design, age, quality of materials, and installation options all effect pricing, and all of these things can make or break the value of a transformer. And while there may not be such a thing as a shady car lot for transformers, you can still end up with a lemon if you decide to go with the cheapest option.

Lesson #2: Research, Research, Research, Kelly Blue Book, Carfax reports. All of these institutions were born out of the good instinct to look into a large investment before signing on the dotted line.
It can be tricky to enter into a research phase if your need for a transformer is because of an emergency situation. If that’s the situation you’re facing, here’s our best tip: look for transparency. A transformer manufacturer should be able to tell you everything that goes into a unit, and give a clear picture of what the build and installation process would be like. Ever seen a car salesman start to sweat when you ask if a used car has ever been in an accident? That’s not what you want out of your transformer manufacturer.

Lesson #3: Think Beyond the Obvious Factors

When shopping for a car, you have to consider the comprehensive experience of what owning that car would be like. You can’t just consider mileage or MTG or style. We all know that there are a million questions we have to ask ourselves about life after the dealership. How much will gas and insurance cost? How soon will I be able to get it? How much will routine maintenance cost? What is the likelihood of needing repairs? We all know to consider those things,

The same is for a transformer. Thinking beyond the specs of your transformer will give you the most accurate picture of what the transformer will really cost you. You have upfront costs, but then you also need to consider what that transformer will cost to use 24/7, 365. How energy efficient is it? If you’re buying used, how much longer will it last? Who will I go to for repairs, and what will that pricing look like?
If you’re struggling to understand the hidden costs of owning a transformer, we can help. Feel free to reach out for more information.

Lesson #4: Choose the Best Option for You

If you live alone and have no kids, you wouldn’t buy a mini-van. If you commute an hour to work and back every day, you probably don’t want to buy a gas-guzzler. When you buy a new car, you consider your life as it is, and how it might change throughout the lifespan of owning that car. If you’re at the right place, you’ll be able to share this with a car salesperson, and they’ll be able to guide you to the best choice for you. It’s a customized experience.

Choosing a transformer manufacturer that offers custom builds will ensure that your transformer works for you to it’s fullest potential. Investing in a transformer that wasn’t build for your needs is a missed opportunity. Every business is different. Don’t try to cram four kids into a two-door sedan. It’s not worth it.

This article might be a little silly, but it speaks to a universal truth: there are some areas of our life that we refuse to compromise on, and other areas where we can rationalize making poor investments. Unfortunately, those poor investments usually end up costing us in the long run. Don’t let buying a transformer be something that you cut corners on. Apply the same mindset to transformer buying that you do with other big investments in your life, whether that’s your house, your education, or your car. A transformer is a critical purchase, and you owe it to yourself and your business to make it count.

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