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Should Dry Type Transformers Be Installed Indoors or Outdoors?

Dry type transformers are typically one of a power system’s most critical and costly components. To achieve an optimal return on your investment, it’s critical that you select a transformer with the proper voltage and rating while following the appropriate installation protocols. Choosing a location that complies with all safety codes while not interfering with personnel or other equipment is also vital.

Dry Type Transformer Installation Indoors

Dry type transformers from ELSCO are ideal for indoor use because of the non-flammable Nomex insulation in the primary and secondary coils. Because we enclose the coils inside a polyester varnish coating, they remain isolated from moisture and particulates that can produce a fire hazard. In addition, our dry type units do not contain combustible liquid coolant, making them ideal for high-risk applications like chemical plants, electrical utility companies and manufacturing facilities.

Dry type transformers must be installed in rooms or areas large enough to allow adequate spacing and airflow between each unit and other equipment. If you require fan controls and thermocouples, you must locate the thermocouple leads at least 6 inches from the high-voltage coils and bus bars.

Dry Type Transformer Installation Outdoors

Most outdoor applications using dry type transformers require a specially designed enclosure to keep rain, snow or wind away from the unit during operation. Although our dry type units can work in some outdoor installations, the engineers at ELSCO highly recommend our transformers be used exclusively indoors for optimal safety and maximum energy efficiency.

Why ELSCO Transformers Are Easier to Install

At ELSCO Transformers, we provide instruction guidance and insight for all our units. Many of our transformers use simple plug-and-play protocols to enable fast, seamless installation at your site, often in less than four hours. Before shipping our units, we go the extra mile to make sure your new transformer will fit in your current enclosure or space, ensuring your unit lines up with your electrical connections without requiring a custom workaround.

In addition, our superior builds include anti-vibration pads to absorb shock and minimize noise and vibration when operating. Our team only considers your buying experience complete once your unit is installed properly and working as intended.

Trust ELSCO for All Your Transformer Needs

If you want to learn more about ensuring the most effective installation for your dry type transformer, the experts at ELSCO can assist you. For decades, we have helped operations develop the most reliable, efficient and cost-effective transformer solutions for their unique applications. We also offer a comprehensive range of transformer services, from custom bus work and retrofits to transformer repairs and emergency replacements.

Contact us online to request pricing or call 800-232-9002 for additional information today.

Trust ELSCO for All Your Transformer Needs