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Why Is My Dry Type Transformer Making a Loud Humming Noise?

A transformer may hum or buzz without signaling that it is malfunctioning. Many dry type transformers produce steady humming noises when magnetized and operating normally. However, if you hear a loud hum or a buzz that’s not usually present, it could signal an issue.

4 Reasons Dry Type Transformers Make Loud Humming Noises

If you detect an unusual humming noise coming from your transformer, several possible causes may include:

  1. Overloading: Transformer overload happens when the unit receives an input voltage higher than its rated capacity. Overloading can cause overheating and loud humming, leading to unsafe operating conditions, transformer failure or even a potential fire.
  2. Age: While some transformers can provide decades of reliable use, all units wear out in time. As a transformer ages, the windings and insulation can come apart, enhancing the humming noise that occurs when vibrating.
  3. Loose components: Loose bolts and screws can often explain a loud-humming transformer, especially if it is a newer unit with plenty of life left. Ensuring tight and stable connections should be part of a regular maintenance routine.
  4. A poor design: Low-quality insulation, low-grade coiling, poor construction and other product defects can cause loud humming noises at any point in a transformer’s service life. Choosing a reputable manufacturer that produces a high-quality product rated for your specific operation is the most critical step for smooth, long-lasting operation.

How ELSCO Transformers Can Help

At ELSCO, we leverage superior designs, premium-grade materials and outstanding construction to produce dry type transformers that typically last many years longer than similar units from competitors. We use insulation like Dupont Nomex to insulate the primary and secondary windings, providing smooth, quiet operation. Our expert assemblers hand-wind each coil using strict quality parameters at our state-of-the-art facility in Cincinnati.

Our engineers test each transformer before shipping it, ensuring customers receive a correctly operating unit. We exceed expectations by helping each customer identify the best solution for their operating needs, providing quiet operation, efficient performance and cost-effectiveness. We also offer some of the industry’s top warranties on dry type transformers.

Discover More With ELSCO Transformers

Discover More With ELSCO Transformers

If you need additional help determining why your dry type transformer is making loud noises or malfunctioning, the professionals at ELSCO can guide you. We offer various solutions for your needs, including diagnostics, repairs and emergency replacements. We also provide custom bus work and retrofitting to make new installations quick and efficient.

Contact us online today to request a quote, or connect with our team with questions.