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Getting a Cheap Transformer — What You’re Not Paying For

Getting a Cheap Transformer — What You're Not Paying For

In a perfect world, mechanical breakdown wouldn’t happen. After all, every piece of mechanical infrastructure comes with significant costs, and it would be ideal if they could all last forever.

Unfortunately, breakdowns are very real, and the cost of transformer repairs and maintenance can be high. When it comes to transformers, a low-quality unit could potentially cost you millions in lost time and labor if it goes down. If your transformer fails, your entire operation comes to a screeching halt. The implications of that are costly at best and terrifying at worst. And to think, that failed transformer is something you paid for.

There are steps you can take to avoid a bad investment when it comes to your transformer. The first is to work with transformer experts that know what they’re talking about when it comes to transformer build and installation. The people behind the units at ELSCO Transformers are exactly the type of experienced experts that can guide you through the transformer buying process. When this happens, you might end up with an estimate that is higher than others you may have received. Our philosophy is that it’s better to invest in quality upfront to avoid a devastating failure later.

When comparing prices for a new transformer, it’s important to consider all the things you AREN’T paying for should you choose to go with a lower estimate. Here are just a few, and as you read on, ask yourself this: are you willing to gamble on your investment?

What to Expect When You Buy a Cheap Transformer

Below are some things that won’t be included in the purchase price of a cheap transformer.

You’re NOT Paying for Quality Materials

Transformers are expensive. Period. If a company is offering you a “deal” on a transformer, it’s because they made it with inexpensive materials. After all, the transformer business is a business, just like yours, so no one is going to sell you a transformer that they’re not going to turn a profit on. If they’re able to offer you a low price, you can bet they got the lowest price for the parts inside the unit.

Cheaper materials are directly correlated to the likelihood that a transformer will fail. That’s why at ELSCO, we use only the best of the best: durable copper for our windings, 200°C insulation, and SG 200 fiberglass solid insulation for our molds and barriers. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. If you want to know more about the quality materials inside of the units we build, give us a call. We’ll happily take you through, part by part.

Inexpensive Materials

You’re NOT Paying for Efficient Design

We understand the value of quality materials, but unlike other transformer companies, we design transformers to complement your entire infrastructure.

Our transformer designs consider the efficiency of the entire system. We determine this by individualized consults so that we can design a transformer that is exactly right for your needs. If you buy a cheaper transformer, you might pay less upfront, but you will suffer losses over time caused by trying to make a transformer work that isn’t a good fit for you. It would be like buying a pair of shoes that aren’t your size, just because they’re on sale — it just doesn’t make any sense.

Custom builds are the key to getting the most value out of a transformer. No matter what anyone tells you, transformers are not one-size-fits-all. Don’t pay for something that isn’t a good fit for you.

You’re NOT Paying for a Long Lifespan

So maybe you’ve found a transformer that you think might work for you, and it’s one of the cheapest estimates you’ve gotten. Are you prepared to pay that price again in ten years?

It’s incredibly possible that cheap transformers are built to fail. Companies are employing planned obsolescence more and more to stay afloat. At ELSCO, we’re old school. Our business depends on building relationships with customers who are thrilled with the quality and longevity of our products. We’re the go-to guys for contractors who want to install quality builds, and they come back to us again and again.

Our history proves that when you pay for an ELSCO transformer, you won’t have to buy another transformer for decades.

You’re NOT Paying for Build Expertise

ELSCO Transformers does transformers. We design them. We build them. We repair them. We don’t do anything else. We live and breathe transformers, day in and day out.

There are other companies that have expanded their offerings. They’ve chosen to cast a wide, shallow net. When you’re focused on manufacturing so many things, it’s impossible to give every type of product the attention to detail it needs to last.

ELSCO’s expertise is specialized and deeply rooted in decades of both lived and passed down experience. We’re confident in every unit that leaves our warehouse because we know that it was built by a team that puts together quality units every single day.

What You Will Be Paying for With a Cheap Transformer

While it might seem tempting to buy yourself a cheap transformer due to the upfront cost savings, you’ll likely end up paying for it in the long run. Cheap transformers will cost more due to maintenance and repairs as they age.

Some of the hidden costs of a low-quality transformer include:

  • Faster equipment deterioration and repurchase: Since you’ll need to buy a new transformer sooner, the overall value of the initial purchase is drastically reduced. You’re getting less bang for your buck.
  • Downtime: An unexpected transformer failure can cause extensive downtime as you work to replace or repair it, cutting into profits, interrupting service and putting excessive strain on generators.
  • Costs of labor and supplies for repairs and installations: Of course, a transformer failure will cost a pretty penny to fix, but a transformer replacement will come with further costs associated with the installation and removal of the old one.
  • Increased maintenance demands: Transformers should be reliable, but if failure is in sight, you’ll need to spend more time and money on providing excessive maintenance.
  • Safety: If your failing transformers pose a safety risk, there could be a lot more on the line than money. Neverthless, minimizing risk can also minimize workers’ compensation claims.

Contact ELSCO for High-Quality Transformers

These are just a few things that you will miss out on if you decide to put your money into a cheap transformer. If you encounter a low price tag when looking for a new transformer, consider why the price is so low. ELSCO offers all of the above—quality materials, custom design, a long lifespan, and expert builders—as well as the best customer service in the transformer industry. Plus`, all of this is backed up by the only five-year warranty you’ll find. Ready to invest in your business? Get in touch today and start experiencing the ELSCO difference.

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