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Industries That Use Transformers the Most

Many industrial and commercial operations depend on transformers to convert high voltages of electricity into smaller voltages they can use. Depending on the specific application, different transformer types with various ratings and capacities work better than others. ELSCO Transformers offers the high-performance dry type and padmount transformers that businesses nationwide trust the most.

Top Industries That Utilize Transformers

Examples of industries that commonly use medium-voltage transformers include:

  • Manufacturing facilities: Manufacturing plants depend on our transformers to provide power for various processes, from welding and electroplating to grinding and thermoforming.
  • Process automation: Automated plants and warehouses rely on our transformers for continuous power, preventing disruptions in production lines and unwanted downtime.
  • Utilities: Electrical utility companies choose ELSCO transformers to reliably and efficiently deliver power directly to their clients.
  • Electrical contractors: We specialize in building stock and customized solutions that electrical contractors depend on for various indoor and outdoor projects.
  • Supply houses: Supply houses need the highest-quality transformer solutions to serve customers. These companies include just-in-time industrial suppliers that rely on fast custom solutions and quick shipping.
  • Hospitals and medical centers: Medical centers and clinics have chosen ELSCO transformers for decades to provide dependable, continuous power to serve patients and staff.
  • Schools, colleges and universities: Educational institutions with either older architecture or modernized facilities depend on high-quality transformers to keep their campuses operational.
  • Correctional facilities: Correctional facilities need transformers to provide continuous, reliable power for keeping occupants safe and operations running smoothly.

Reasons Why Industries Commonly Use ELSCO Transformers

At ELSCO Transformers, our team is committed to supplying all our clients with high-quality units that will provide efficient, uninterrupted service for many decades. Several reasons why top industrial operations utilize ELSCO transformers include:

  • Superior expertise: We strive to understand your power needs and deliver safe, efficient and practical solutions for your operation. ELSCO Transformers has led the market in technical knowledge and manufacturing expertise for decades.
  • Comprehensive warranties: We offer five-year warranties for new dry type transformers and three-year warranties for remanufactured units, far exceeding the industry standard of one year.
  • Quick shipping: When your operation needs an immediate solution, we offer fast shipping options for select transformers and emergency replacements for existing units.

Discover More With ELSCO Transformers

Want to know more about how our dry type and padmount transformers can benefit your operation? The experts at ELSCO Transformers are ready to guide you. Besides offering new medium-voltage transformer builds, we provide a comprehensive range of services to cover your needs, from custom bus work and repairs to retrofitting and custom-built units.

Please fill out an online quote form to request pricing on our products. You can also call 800-232-9002 with questions or to obtain additional information.

Discover More With ELSCO Transformers