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How Companies Can Save Money on Their Monthly Electric Bills

How Companies Can Save Money on Their Monthly Electric Bills

Energy costs can be a company’s most significant and unpredictable expense, so energy consumption control is vital for maintaining or lessening monthly electric bills. A comprehensive energy management plan and quality energy-saving equipment are critical elements when trying to reduce consumption and save money on energy. Learn how to start lowering your company’s electrical bill today.

1. Do an Energy-Efficient Audit

By implementing effective energy management tactics and systems, your company can effectively decrease its energy usage. The initial step in creating a plan to manage your energy usage is to conduct an energy audit. This audit allows for a better understanding of energy consumption patterns in your buildings and manufacturing procedures while identifying feasible energy conservation opportunities.

A comprehensive audit can include:

  • A detailed report of your energy usage, including which equipment and processes consume the most energy and when they need that power.
  • A comparison of your energy usage with other similar companies or processes.
  • An analysis of the building’s envelope, services and controls.
  • A detailed list of energy and cost savings opportunities plus a payback plan for implementing energy-saving methods.

For the best results, work with an auditing company that provides detailed data about different energy systems, including your pump, generator, compressed air and steam equipment.

2. Change Your Lighting

One way your company can save on its electrical bills is to implement minor lighting changes. You can start by switching off lights when they’re not needed and replacing your traditional bulbs with energy-efficient LEDs. These bulbs can last 25 or more times longer and use at least 75% less energy than incandescent lighting.

Another option to consider is using occupant sensors to control the lighting in your building automatically. These sensors identify when an area is not in use and subsequently turn off or dim the lights. According to the Department of Energy (DoE), private offices can save between 13% to 70% of energy and warehouses between 50% to 90% by utilizing occupant sensors.

3. Upgrade Your Transformer

In business settings, the electricity supply is transmitted at significantly higher voltage levels compared to residential areas. As a result, most commercial buildings must use a transformer to reduce the voltage for practical use. Transformers tend to waste energy when converting high voltages to low ones, but not all transformers waste the same amount of energy.

In 2016, the U.S. Department of Energy’s current transformer efficiency standards came into effect — stipulating, among other things, efficiency targets for three-phase low-voltage and medium voltage dry type transformers. These regulations do not require building owners to upgrade their transformers, but manufacturers need to meet the minimum efficiency values.

For example, the previous efficiency standard for a three-phase 15kVA transformer was 97.0% and now, as stipulated by the DoE, manufacturers need to produce transformers with 97.89% energy efficiency. The changes might seem small, but if your transformer operates continuously, you’ll save considerably by installing a transformer that meets or exceeds the DoE’s standards.

Start Saving Energy With ELSCO Transformers

Implementing a broad energy management plan, which may include installing energy-efficient lighting and upgrading transformers, can help lower your electricity bill significantly. If you decide to upgrade your transformer, choose one purpose-built for energy efficiency.

Since 1988, ELSCO Transformers has custom-engineered transformers to last. Proof of our success is that our dry type transformers have shown zero failures and no warranty issues. In addition, our transformers meet or exceed the DoE’s efficiency requirements, ensuring minimum energy wastage.

To start lowering your company’s electricity bill with a new transformer, request a quote today. If you want to learn more, call us at 800-232-9002.