The ELSCO Difference

The right transformer can save you money.

When evaluating your transformer options, consider the total cost of ownership.

The cost for the transformer is one aspect to consider, but the amount of maintenance and attention it will require in the coming years is often overlooked.

Additional expenses can come later in the life of the transformer if the entire system isn’t considered when choosing a transformer.

Unanticipated downtimes

costly repairs

overpaying for electricity

It’s about the whole system, not just the transformer specs.

Assessing your needs to ensure the right transformer set-up suits all your needs.

Aside from the basic specs of your transformer, we want to make sure that yours “fits like a glove” by matching your high-voltage and low-voltage connections to your facility’s set-up to ease installation and operate as efficiently as possible.

It’s also important to learn about any facility restrictions for your setup. Some transformers are housed in small spaces and require specific set-ups to fit new transformers into existing spaces.

Preparing the right transformer for your needs.

We ensure that your needs are specifically met by a transformer that is ideally suited for your specific application.

For custom build scenarios, we manufacture the highest quality dry-type transformers, which actually offer you the greatest value and savings over the life of the transformer.

Quality means you only install your transformer once

Installing a transformer is not an easy maneuver. If it breaks down you may have to pull it back out again, have it repaired and then re-installed. This adds tremendous cost to what you thought was originally a good deal on your transformer.

ELSCO provides specially designed rubber waffle anti-vibration pads to minimize any vibration and noise.

We ensure that your transformer is safely tucked away in the correct housing in the event of a catastrophic event.

We care about the right set-up because you care about saving money.

The wrong set-up might save you a few bucks today, but it could cost you a lot of headache and money in the future.

Think you might be interested in a custom built transformer, which offers the greatest value and savings over the course of the transformer’s lifetime?


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