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Transformer Retrofits

Retrofits for Dry Type Transformers

Each member of our team has more than two decades of experience in retrofitting transformers.

Through the retrofit process, you can meet your facility’s requirements with less downtime.

Our plug-and-play retrofits streamline your installation so you can get faster results.

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    Do You Need A Transformer Retrofit?

    Our clients have numerous reasons for replacing their transformers, including:

    • End of lifespan
    • Increased capacity needs
    • Natural disaster
    • Overloading
    • Maintenance issues
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    Types of Transformers That We Retrofit

    ELSCO experts specialize in engineering, repairing and retrofitting medium voltage transformers. The types of retrofits that we offer include:

    • Dry Type Transformer Retrofits
    • Padmount Transformer Retrofits
    • In-Stock Replacement Transformers
    • Custom Medium-Voltage Retrofits
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    ESLCO Workers building a dry type transformer

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    Why Choose ELSCO Transformers for Your Next Retrofit

    ELSCO worker fixing a dry type transformer

    Quality Materials

    High-quality, efficient transformers built to last for 30 years or more.

    Quick-Ship Options

    Quick-ship dry type and padmount transformers that can begin transit within 48 hours.

    Easy Installation

    We can provide custom bus work to make your retrofit installation easy and problem-free.

    Industry-Best Warranty

    We offer the industry-best five-year warranty on new dry type transformers for indoor use.

    20+ Years of Experience

    Each of our key team members has more than 21 years of transformer experience.

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