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Padmount Transformer

Padmount Transformers from ELSCO Transformers

ELSCO stocks padmount transformers with ratings from 500 KVA to 2,500 KVA, with 4160, 12470, 13200 and 13800-volt primary voltages.

We are committed to supplying new in-stock and build-to-order options for all our customers with high-quality padmount transformers that will provide efficient uninterrupted power for decades to come.

Our padmount transformers provide dependable and cost-effective power output for almost every application.

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    Padmount Transformer.

    How Our Padmount Transformers Are Built

    • We Select the Right Transformer for the Job
    • We Use the Best Materials
    • We Customize Transformers to Meet Your Requirements
    • We Test Our Transformers
    • We Ship Your Transformer to You for Installation
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    Padmount Systems Accessories

    ELSCO padmount systems can come outfitted with many accessories, such as;

    • Temperature and liquid level gauges.
    • A pressure vacuum gauge with Schrader valve.
    • A pressure relief device and/or pressure relief valve.
    • A two-position on/off load-break switch.
    • Bayonet current sensing fuses.
    • Distribution class lightning arresters.
    • An external drain valve and sampler that allow easy access for DGA tests. In most of our stocked units the standard drain valve and sampler are inside the low voltage compartment.
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    Padmount Transformer

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    Benefits of a Padmount Transformer

    Under-Ground Service

    Padmount transformers are great when under-ground service is required. You will often see them behind malls, restaurants or in industrial parks.

    Cost-Efficient Solution

    Our transformers offer a cost-efficient solution for your energy needs. ELSCO’s inventory of new transformers exceeds all national energy efficiency standards — including NEMA, ANSI and IEEE — plus the recommended ENERGY STAR and Department of Energy (DOE) ratings, so you can deliver more power at a lower cost.


    We can also build a padmount unit to spec. Whether you need one unit or 100 units, you can benefit from a customized fit for any application, from hospitals, universities and office buildings to retail locations and manufacturing plants.

    High-Quality Materials

    ELSCO uses the highest quality materials and engineering expertise to provide the right unit for your energy needs. If you need a transformer with unique specifications or features, we can work with you to modify a stock unit or fabricate a new system to order.

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