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Medium Voltage Transformers

Medium Voltage Transformers from ELSCO Transformers

ELSCO manufactures high-quality medium-voltage transformers!

We manufacture electrical transformers in 500 – 2500 KVA ratings and 2,400-13,800 primary voltages.

We stock oil-filled transformers with ratings from 500 KVA to 2,500 KVA, with 4160, 12470, 13200 and 13800-volt primary voltages.

We are committed to supplying all our customers with high-quality transformers that will provide efficient uninterrupted power for decades to come. We produce all our transformers in the United States and stock them at our factory warehouse in Cincinnati, Ohio.

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    How We Build Our Transformers

    • We Select the Right Transformer for the Job
    • We Use the Best Materials
    • We Build Each Transformer by Hand
    • We Test Our Transformers at Every Stage, a Minimum of Five Times.
    • We Ship Your Transformer to You for Installation
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    The ELSCO Difference

    When evaluating your transformer options, consider the total cost of ownership.

    The Total Cost of Ownership of a transformer over its useful life has four components:

    1. Installed cost

    2. Energy costs

    3. Maintenance Costs

    4. Useful life

    ELSCO Transformer’s business is dedicated to minimizing the first three components and maximizing the last component of ownership costs for our customers.

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    Padmount Transformer.

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    Benefits of Our Industrial Transformers

    ELSCO worker fixing a dry type transformer

    Industry Experience

    Each of our key team members has over 22 years of experience meeting customers’ critical transformer needs with high-quality products and customized services.

    Quality Design

    We’re one of the few transformer companies in the nation that designs, manufactures and stocks high-quality copper-wound dry-type transformer models.

    High Efficiency Performance

    Exceeds Energy Star and DOE energy efficiency standards , and meets the latest NEMA, ANSI and IEEE standards.

    Cost Effective

    Reduces utility and maintenance costs due to increased energy efficiency and superior design.

    Easy Installation

    We can offer a customized “plug and play” retrofit in your facility as a direct replacement for an old transformer.

    Extended Life

    Superior quality materials, superior design and expert craftsmanship deliver long-standing performance.

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