Expert Transformer Repair and Retrofitting

Who do you call after an emergency transformer failure?

Most people are unprepared for a transformer failure. When you’re looking for answers, look no further than the experts at ELSCO. We’ll quickly determine the most effective solution for your infrastructure’s unique needs, and get you an operational transformer faster than anyone else.

If you’re facing a transformer emergency, call (800) 232-9002 now.

Repair Services

We’re the best choice to repair, rebuild, or replace your dry-type, padmount, or substation transformer.

When it comes to repairing, reconditioning, or retrofitting a transformer, there is no standard way of ensuring a quality end result. Some companies do the bare minimum to re-sell a used transformer, and will neglect to address problems that will lead to failure.

ELSCO is the best in the industry for transformer repair. We go above and beyond to ensure that a transformer will perform at maximum capacity for as long as it can. Our repairs outlast those of our competitors by years, and sometimes, decades.

Whether you’re facing transformer failure, or being proactive about your transformer’s lifespan, the experts at ELSCO will know exactly what to do. We’ve been building and repairing transformers since 1912, specializing in delivering transformer repair service to commercial and industrial customers with transformers rated up to 10,000kVA to 69kV.

We provide a 24-hour response time on most major repairs. We also offer emergency replacement transformer to minimize the inconvenience and interruption of a transformer failure. Our #1 priority is getting you back up and running as soon as possible.

Our Experience Speaks for Itself

  • Our chief engineer has worked with transformers for over 40 years.
  • Our chief winder is close behind, with 30 years in the industry.
  • Our shop foreman has been in the industry for over 20 years.
  • Our entire team has had their hands on every make and model of transformer on the market.

Reconditioned Transformers

Reconditioned or remanufactured transformers that run like new.

Our experts can help you determine if purchasing a reconditioned or remanufactured transformer is the right option for you. In some cases, a reconditioned transformer offers increased cost efficiency and expediency.

Due to our nation-wide service area, we’re constantly acquiring previously owned transformers, which we put through a comprehensive certification process before making them available to you. Our team of engineers inspect, clean, and refurbish all units, before certifying all products and adding to our catalog.

ELSCO’s certified, pre-owned transformers run from 500 kVA thru 2500 kVA with 2.5, 5, and 15 kVA primaries. All units can also be modified to match your existing line-up. Because of our commitment to quality, we’re proud to include a one-year warranty on all parts and performance.

Pre-Owed Transformer Inventory

Below is a list of the manufacturers of transformer types that we can recondition and certify.
For a current list of units available, please contact us at 800-232-9002 or via our contact form to the right.

ABB Transformers
Alstom Transformers
Areva Transformers
Balteau Transformers
Balteau Standard Transformers
Central Moloney Transformers
CG Power Transformers
Cooper Transformers
Eaton Transformers
Ermco Transformers
Federal Pacific Transformers

General Electric Transformers
Hammond Transformers
Hevi Duty Transformers
Howard Transformers
ITE Transformers
Kuhlman Transformers
MGM Transformers
MTC Transformers
Niagara Transformers
Olsun Transformers
Pacific Crest Transformers
Pauwels Transformers

Rex Transformers
RTE Transformers
Siemens Transformers
Sorgel Transformers
Square D Transformers
Standard Transformers
Sunbelt Transformers
Sylvania Transformers
VanTran Transformers
Virginia Transformers
Weg Transformers
Westinghouse Transformers


“I appreciate all the work you and your crew did getting the transformer core and coil ready for our application. Everything bolted up perfect and the unit is operating perfectly. When the opportunity presents itself in the future for a transformer replacement you will be the first call.”

-Pete, from a power company

“That’s not a transformer, it’s a work of art! Thanks for restoring my faith that there are people who care about their work, and provides quality products, and service!"

- Dan, from a pharmaceutical company

“Turning that transformer job around in less than 24 hours was impressive (our business depended on it).”

- Stan, from a manufacturing company

“As promised, the transformer installation went seamlessly! The unit fit nicely into the existing enclosure and the bus connections were perfect. I thank you both for your professionalism, attention to detail and excellent customer service – it was a pleasure working w/ ELSCO.”

- Dan, from an electrical company

“You might want to be aware that our electricians have commented that your transformer is the quietest 1500kVA transformer they have ever come across.”

- Travis, from a university

“I am forwarding your contact information to a major electrical supplier in this area. He was very impressed with the service you provided us, despite such short notice.  He wanted to have your information so that if a need came up he would know who to contact.”

- Joe, from a utility company

“Everything went exceptionally well with the installation. The dimensions we shared worked very well– everything fit like a glove! I really appreciate all the support and communication with you guys. I can’t believe we had the transformer sitting here and ready to install 3 days after our first discussion.”

- Dan, from a Fortune 500 manufacturer

“Thanks to all of you. Everything matched up perfectly. Our customer was quite happy with the short time for the delivery and getting it hooked back up.”

- Kris, from a utility company

“The installation went very well due to your planning and the materials that you supplied.  The unit has been performing for a couple of months now and I could not be more pleased.”

- Bill, from a power company

“I appreciate all the work you and your crew did getting the transformer core and coil ready for our application. Everything bolted up perfect and the unit is operating perfectly. When the opportunity presents itself in the future for a transformer replacement you will be the first call.”

- Pete, from a power company

“The fit and connections could not have been more perfect.”

- Mike, from a power-consulting company


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