Unit Substation Transformers

The most advanced power transformers on the market.

At ELSCO Transformers, we focus on selling unit substation transformers that will save you time and money in the long term due to their reliability. Our transformers operate in a wide range of commercial and industrial applications and feature built-to-order options.

Unit Substation Transformer Specifications

We offer built-to-order unit substation transformers to meet applications in electric utilities. Specifications for our unit substation transformers include:

unit substation transformer
  • Built-to-order primary and secondary unit substation transformers. We serve customers with a wide range of voltage requirements, thanks to our build-to-order capabilities. After you define your required voltage and dimensions, we’ll deliver a primary or secondary unit substation transformer that meets your specifications. Our unit substation transformers can reach a load requirement of 5 MVA and 34,500 primary voltage.
  • High-voltage (HV) and low-voltage (LV) bushings. ELSCO unit substation transformers feature HV and LV bushings on opposite sides of the system. When facing the front of the unit where you find the gauges, you’ll see the HV bushings on the left side and the LV bushings on the right or vice versa.
  • Multiple bushing cover options. Choose from a full-height terminal chamber, partial-height air terminal chamber or throat to cover the bushings.
  • Dimensions built to your specifications. When building a retrofit as part of your lineup, we will specify the transformer’s width according to the space available between your equipment unless it is a stand alone unit. We can also customize depth and height when the application makes those dimensions critical to performance.
  • Suitability as part of an equipment lineup or stand-alone unit. We build our unit substation transformers standard as either part of a lineup or stand alone.
  • Indoor and outdoor configurations available. Our unit substation transformers can perform in indoor or outdoor applications. Outdoor systems typically use mineral oil and can function as part of a lineup or stand-alone device. Indoor units use high-flashpoint fluid with lower flammability than the fluid used in an outdoor system. They most often operate in tandem with other power units.

Unit Substation Transformer Applications

Our unit substation transformers serve indoor and outdoor applications for any location needing safe and dependable power, such as:

  • Industrial plants.
  • Commercial buildings.
  • Government organizations.
  • Hospitals and health care organizations.
  • Schools and universities.
  • Manufacturing facilities.

Benefits of Unit Substation Transformers From ELSCO

When you buy a unit substation transformer from ELSCO, you’ll experience the following design and engineering advantages:

  • Compact design: Compared to other types of transformers, unit substation transformers tend to have more compact designs. They optimize space while minimizing delivery costs and on-site labor during installation and use.
  • Close-coupled engineering: Unit substation transformers feature close-coupled designs that allow the installer to place them close to their load concentrations. This setup minimizes cable and bus lengths to reduce fault exposure and power loss risk. The close-coupled design of a unit substation transformer can also enhance service continuity and voltage regulation.
  • Streamlined design: Our unit substation transformers feature simplified designs with streamlined accessories that can help owners lower maintenance-related costs.

The Basics of Unit Substation Transformers

What is a unit substation transformer? These systems step down the voltage from utility distribution to a voltage suitable for in-plant distribution. They make up the center of a unit substation assembly that consists of primary electrical distribution equipment, the unit substation transformer and secondary electrical distribution equipment. Unit substation transformers fall into two categories:

  1. Primary unit substation transformers: Primary unit substation transformers typically apply to primary voltages between 6.9 and 69 kV and secondary voltages between 2.4 and 34.5 kV. They feature highly flexible designs that accommodate most switchgear types as secondary distribution equipment.
  2. Secondary unit substation transformers: Secondary unit substation transformers usually handle primary voltages between 2.4 and 38 kV and secondary voltages between 208 and 600 V. Their substation assemblies often have pre-made harnesses and pull-apart terminal blocks for easier communications and wiring control.

Why Choose ELSCO for Your Unit Substation Transformer?

You can count on our team to deliver a unit substation transformer and accompanying services to address your power needs. Our unique advantages over the competition include:

  • Reliable customer support. The ELSCO customer support team dedicates themselves to meeting every client’s needs. Their services include personalized transformer education and step-by-step troubleshooting.
  • Dependable transformers. We build all of our transformers with a focus on maximizing your uptime and optimizing your electricity use. To help you get the best return on investment on your equipment, we’ll tailor your system to your specifications, use top-quality materials and build your transformer by hand.
  • Extensive testing. To ensure that you get a high-performance substation unit transformer, we’ll test it throughout every production step. We test after every stage of the winding process and before the transformer leaves our facility.

Contact ELSCO for Unit Substation Transformers

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