Unit Substation Transformers

The most advanced power transformers on the market.


  • Side primary bushings and opposite side secondary bushings.
  • Typically part of a line-up although can be stand alone.
  • Gray color
  • HV & LV bushings on 180 degree opposite sides. Front side is where the gauges are. HV on left side and LV on complete opposite right side.
  • Will have either full height terminal chamber, partial height air terminal chamber or throat covering the bushings.
  • Most of the time height and depth are not as critical as width but can be.




  • Usually part of a line-up with HV & LV gear on either side.
  • Can go either indoors or outdoors. Indoors applications have to have the high flashpoint, less flammable fluid. Indoor units are also more often than not part of a line-up. Outdoor units are usually mineral oil filled. Can be either part of a line-up or stand alone.
  • With retrofits that are part of a line-up, the width is the most critical dimension so you don’t have to move the line-up to accommodate a larger footprint.
  • Although Elsco Transformers doesn’t stock secondary unit substation transformers we can certainly build to order per your exact specs.


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