Station Type Transformers

The most advanced power transformers on the market.

When you buy a station type transformer form ELSCO Transformers, we’ll ensure that you get the highest return on investment possible through a design that maximizes uptime. We build our transformers to order for clients in a wide variety of industries with different voltage requirements.

Station Type Transformer Applications

We build station type transformers for outdoor enclosures in locations such as:

  • Manufacturing facilities.
  • Commercial buildings.
  • Industrial plants.
  • Government organizations.
  • Health care organizations and hospitals.
  • Schools and universities.
station type transformer

Station Type Transformer Specifications

Our station type transformers feature the following specifications:

  • Multiple bushing configurations: We offer a variety of mounting and cover options for our station type transformers’ primary and secondary bushings. The high-voltage primary bushings can come top- or cover-mounted, depending on your required shielding. Meanwhile, the low-voltage secondary bushings can mount on the top or side of the transformer with or without a cover.
  • Built to fit your installation requirements: Our engineering team can build your transformer according to your specifications for dimensions and voltage. We can build station type transformers with load capacities up to 5 MVA and 34,500 primary voltage based on your electricity requirements. You can also specify your transformer’s dimensions according to your site, including the width, height and depth.
  • Available as part of a lineup or as an independent unit: ELSCO engineers will customize your station type transformer to work seamlessly with the rest of your electrical equipment. Since these transformers can operate as a stand-alone unit or with other systems in a lineup, we’ll build your unit according to the equipment needed in your setup. Our experts can help you determine how to specify a compatible transformer if you need assistance.
  • Outdoor configurations only: Unlike unit substation transformers that can operate indoors and outdoors, station type transformers function outdoors only. Station type transformers have exposed live parts mounted at the top of the unit, making indoor use dangerous. We can provide ideas for suitable enclosures to protect anyone who passes the transformer site.

Benefits of Station Type Transformers From ELSCO

The advantages of our station type transformers include:

  • Built-to-order. We build all of our station type transformers to accommodate your site and equipment requirements. Our engineers will ensure that your transformer will smoothly integrate with your building’s electrical equipment and connections for simple installation. They will construct your transformer by hand to promote more efficient and reliable performance.
  • Extensively tested. Each of our made-to-order transformers undergoes frequent power factor testing throughout the building process. We test a transformer’s performance after assembling each primary component, and again once we fully assemble the unit. After the finishing process, we test it one final time before it leaves our facility.
  • Top-quality materials. Our engineering team uses the highest quality materials on the market to construct each of our transformers by hand. We use copper in our windings because of its superior conduction, short circuit strength and durability over aluminum. The coils in our transformers also feature DuPont Nomex insulation that meets the industry’s highest temperature class.

The Basics of Station Type Transformers

A station type transformer has some traits in common with padmount transformers but has different isolation and containment requirements. Padmount transformers tend to feature medium-voltage switches and fuses to protect and isolate the transformer’s electricity. Meanwhile, station type transformers have overhead, exposed bushings that require special containment. We recommend installing one of our station type transformers behind a lockable enclosure or gated area to protect passersby from live, exposed parts. Station type transformers may have similar concrete mounts to padmount models, but they require careful operation and security.

Why Choose ELSCO for Your Built-to-Order Station Type Transformer?

You can count on our team for top-quality transformers and customer service because we have:

  • More than a century of history. In 1912, two former Westinghouse engineers founded the Electric Service Company as the first transformer repair facility in the United States. Since then, we’ve expanded into transformer building and sales.
  • Dedicated customer support. We have a customer support team committed to helping you get the best return on investment from your transformer. They perform in-depth troubleshooting and provide personalized advice on choosing your transformer specifications.
  • Decades of successful builds. Our engineers started building their own transformers in 1988. Since then, our customers have reported zero warranty issues or failures with our products. When you buy an ELSCO transformer, you’ll get a unit that will deliver performance for years to come.

Contact ELSCO for Station Type Transformers

Consider us your source for full-service engineering and production for station type transformers. To get assistance with specifying your transformer, contact our support team today.


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