Three-Phase Padmount Transformers

The most advanced power transformers on the market

At ELSCO, we offer a variety of transformers to fit your needs. All of our new padmount transformers are stocked in our Cincinnati facility and shipped directly to you.

Pad-mounted transformers are self-contained units housed in tamper-resistant, locked, heavy-gauge steel cabinets and mounted on concrete pads. They are fed from underground cables or powerlines.

The liquid-filled padmount transformers we offer at ELSCO can be customized with various options and features to fit your electrical system needs. We stock primarily three-phase pad-mounted transformers because they are generally more cost-effective — however, we can build custom single-phase transformers to order.

A three-phase pad-mounted distribution transformer typically has three sets of primary and secondary windings wrapping around a single magnetic circuit forming one laminated core.

Compared to a single-phase transformer, a three-phase transformer provides a more constant rate of power with less dramatic voltage drops.

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Three-Phase Pad-Mounted Transformer Features

The three-phase pad-mounted transformers we sell at ELSCO rely on a liquid cooling agent to prevent overheating. We typically fill our units with mineral oil but can switch out to natural ester fluid if need be.

Mineral oil is industry-standard and perfectly acceptable, while natural ester fluid — made from vegetable oils — is a more environmentally-friendly option for those hoping to minimize their system’s environmental impact.

Our padmount transformers can be switched to feature either live front or dead front primary connections according to your needs. We also offer clients the option of selecting radial feed or loop feed configurations.

In addition to the above-listed options, all of our three-phase pad-mounted transformers feature:


  • Gauges to indicate temperature and liquid levels.
  • A pressure vacuum gauge with a Schrader valve.
  • A pressure relief device or valve.
  • A two-position on/off loadbreak switch.
  • Bayonet current sensing fuses.
  • Distribution class arresters.
  • An external drain valve and sampler to allow for easy DGA tests.

As with all the transformers we offer, our three-phase padmount distribution transformers can be customized to fit your needs. Your ELSCO engineers will work with you to determine how to meet your electrical system requirements.

Primary Voltages for Three-Phase Pad-Mounted Transformers

Three-phase padmount transformers consist of three sets of two windings. The two windings are referred to as primary and secondary windings. Input power from your source flows through the primary winding and is then converted by the secondary winding and sent through the input.

We typically stock our catalog with padmount transformers with kVA ratings ranging from 500 to 2500 kVA. Our available primary voltages are 2400, 4160, 12470, 13200 and 13800.

Secondary Voltages for Three-Phase Pad-Mounted Transformers

Our three-phase pad-mounted transformers typically offer secondary voltages of 4160, 2400, 480 and 208.

Determining your required primary and secondary voltages is part of understanding what size transformer you need for your energy system. These two voltages will be based on your total load voltage and the voltage drop of each coil.

Benefits of a Three-Phase Padmount Transformers

Because they are self-contained, locked units protected by steel doors, padmount transformers do not require a fence or protective barrier. Their electrified elements are secured within the unit, making them an ideal option for small or heavily trafficked locations where public safety might otherwise be a concern.

Three-phase pad-mounted transformers are exceptionally cost-effective because they provide significant power output capabilities and generally cost less than other models.

Our catalog of transformers goes above and beyond many national energy efficiency standards, including NEMA, ANSI and IEE, as well as the recommended ENERGY STAR and Department of Energy (DOE) ratings. This means you can operate your system with maximum efficiency and lower running costs.

At ELSCO, every transformer we sell is made in the U.S.A. and tested several times in our facility before shipping it to you. We provide the highest-quality transformers and offer extensive customization options to ensure your new transformer perfectly fits your needs.

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