Padmount Transformers

The most advanced power transformers on the market

What are the benefits of

Pad-mounted Transformers?

ELSCO delivers the most reliable inventory of liquid filled padmount transformers for your industrial and commercial energy needs. Featuring new, remanufactured, and custom-built options, our padmount transformers provide dependable and cost-effective power output for every type of application.


Since 1912, we’ve been building and delivering power transformers to industrial and commercial customers across the U.S. Padmount transformers are great when underground service is required. They are engineered to be safely installed in public areas without protective fencing.


ELSCO’s inventory of new transformers exceeds all national energy efficiency standards including NEMA, ANSI and IEEE, plus the recommended Energy Star and DOE ratings, so you can deliver more power at a lower cost.


We build to spec, whether you need one unit or 1,000 units, you can benefit from a customized fit for any application – hospitals, universities, office buildings, retail locations, and manufacturing plants. ELSCO uses the highest quality materials and engineering expertise to provide the right unit for your energy needs.


  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • 500-2500 kVA
  • 2.5, 5 and 15 kV voltages
  • Live or dead front
  • Radial or loop feed
  • Mineral oil or natural ester fluid
  • Copper or aluminum winding options with build-to-order units
  • Most stock units are copper wound


Access a large inventory of oil-filled transformers
for the following applications:

  • Manufacturing Plants
  • Hospital or Medical Centers
  • Universities or Schools
  • Correctional Facilities
  • Shopping Centers
  • Utilities

Additional Information

  • Liquid level and temperature gauges
  • Pressure vacuum gauge
  • Pressure relief valve
  • Two-position on/off loadbreak switch
  • Bayonet current sensing fuses
  • Distribution arresters
  • External drain valve and sampler allowing easy access for DGA tests


ELSCO delivers completely
customized padmount transformers:

  • High short-circuit strength designs
  • Electrostatic sheilds
  • K factor designs

Basics of padmount transformers

A padmount transformer is a tamper proof distribution transformer with lockable front doors that is installed on a concrete pad. Typically used in commercial and residential areas to connect to underground electric power lines safely and securely, padmount transformers do not require a fenced-in enclosure, making them ideal for public spaces like shopping malls, restaurants, and other areas with foot traffic.

The easily recognizable green utility boxes are made of steel and contain all energized parts behind locked doors. Padmounts are installed with underground distribution feeds from the local power company, transferring voltage in a stepped down process to supply power to a single business or several homes.

Padmount transformer sizes typically run from around 30 kva through 5000 kva and include thermometers, liquid level gauges, pressure vacuum gauges and may also include options such as on/off loadbreak switches, bayonet fuses (with or without partial range) current limiting fuses, and surge/lightning arresters. Primary connections can be either Live Front or Dead Front, depending on customer preference.


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