Padmount Transformers

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ELSCO delivers the most reliable inventory of oilfilled padmount transformers for your utility, university, hospital, industrial or commercial energy needs. Featuring new, in-stock and build to order options, our padmount transformers provide dependable and cost-effective power output for almost every application.

Padmount Transformer Specifications

ELSCO transformers come in various configurations, depending on what you need for your particular project.

Our padmount transformers can be switched to either Live Front or Dead Front primary connections as needed. Clients can also choose between Radial Feed or Loop Feed primary configurations.

Our padmount transformers are oil-filled. We can fill them with mineral oil or natural ester fluid. Mineral oil is the standard for many clients and good for most applications. We can also use natural ester fluid, which is often derived from vegetable oils and biodegradable — making it an excellent option for those wanting to reduce their environmental impact. Esters also have a higher temperature stability than mineral oil, meaning they can sustain higher operating temperatures for longer.

All padmount systems also come outfitted with many features, including:

  • Temperature and liquid level gauges.
  • A pressure vacuum gauge with Schrader valve.
  • A pressure relief device and/or pressure relief valve.
  • A two-position on/off loadbreak switch.
  • Bayonet current sensing fuses.
  • Distribution class arresters.
  • An external drain valve and sampler that allow easy access for DGA tests.

Our new, in-stock units can be either aluminum or copper windings depending on what is available at the time.

New, build to order units can be designed and built with either aluminum or copper windings and mineral oil or natural ester fluid.

All our transformers are made by hand in the USA.

Padmount Transformer Sizes We Stock

We stock medium-voltage transformers in several different sizes. Our in-stock padmount transformers’ kVA ratings range from 500 to 2,500 kVA, with 4160, 12470, 13200 and 13800 volt primary voltages available. If you’re not sure what transformer size you need, we can work with you to calculate the rating that will work best.

Our stock units are three-phase, but we can build a single-phase transformer to order as needed.

The Benefits of a Padmount Transformer

Benefits of a Padmount Transformer

Padmount transformers are great when underground service is required. Because they lock energized parts behind steel doors, you can safely install them in public areas, keeping internal electrical equipment secure without the need for protective fencing.  You have probably seen them utilized behind restaurants or malls, etc.

Our transformers offer a cost-efficient solution for your energy needs. ELSCO’s inventory of new transformers exceeds all national energy efficiency standards  including NEMA, ANSI and IEEE — plus the recommended ENERGY STAR and Department of Energy (DOE) ratings, so you can deliver more power at a lower cost.

We build to spec. Whether you need one unit or 100 units, you can benefit from a customized fit for any application, from hospitals, universities and office buildings to retail locations and manufacturing plants. ELSCO uses the highest quality materials and engineering expertise to provide the right unit for your energy needs. If you need a transformer with unique specifications or features, we can work with you to modify a stock unit or fabricate a new system to order.

Padmount Transformer Applications

Modern facilities, from schools to factories, need to supply power to a growing variety of technology — including cloud-ready sensors and smart equipment. At ELSCO, we have experience in developing and fabricating transformers to meet these facilities’ needs. We’ve worked with clients to provide ready-made, custom energy solutions for:

We know how much power these types of facilities will need, and we’ll work with you so you can make the most informed purchase possible.

Clients across the U.S. trust ELSCO to provide high-quality, reliable transformers for their buildings. If you need well-designed electrical solutions and consistent power, ELSCO’s padmount transformers will work for you.

What Is a Padmount Transformer? The Basics of Padmount Transformers

The Basics of Padmount Transformers

A padmount transformer is a tamperproof distribution transformer with lockable front doors that is installed on a concrete pad. Typically used in commercial and residential areas to connect to underground electric power lines safely and securely, padmount transformers do not require a fenced-in enclosure. This makes them ideal for public spaces like shopping malls, restaurants and other areas that see significant foot traffic, where any electrical equipment needs to be kept secure.

The easily recognizable green utility boxes that enclose padmount transforms are made of heavy-gauge sheet steel and secure all energized parts behind locked doors. Padmounts are installed with underground distribution feeds from the local power company, transferring voltage in a stepped-down process to supply energy to a single business or several homes.

Padmount transformer sizes typically run from around 30 kVA through 5,000 kVA. Each unit will also typically include equipment like thermometers, liquid level gauges and pressure vacuum gauges. Some may also include options such as on/off loadbreak switches, bayonet fuses with or without partial range, current limiting fuses and surge or lightning arresters. Primary connections can be either live-front or dead-front, depending on customer preference.

ELSCO Transformers Retrofits Padmount Transformers to Meet Your Needs

We can also work with you to modify or fabricate customized padmount transformer devices as needed. If you need a padmount transformer with a custom bushing height, for example, we can build a new unit to order.

Our built-to-order padmount retrofits can include custom items like:

  • High short-circuit strength designs.
  • Electrostatic shields.
  • Kfactor designs.

ELSCO also provides transformer repairsrebuilds and rewinds for medium-voltage transformers. If your unit has failed — whether it needs a rewind or a full rebuild with new insulation, windings, bushings, connections and all new fluid — we can work with you to get the job done.

We also offer emergency replacement services for medium-sized padmount transformers. We strive to respond to service requests within 24 hours, saving you time and money. If you need to completely replace a failed padmount transformer, our ELSCO replacement units can help you bring building systems back online quickly.

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Since 1912, we’ve been building and delivering power transformers to industrial and commercial customers across the U.S.

If you need a padmount transformer for your industrial or commercial energy needs, ELSCO has you covered. Each of our key team members has more than 21 years of experience in the industry, and they’ll bring that expertise when working with you to fill your order. ELSCO is also one of the best options for customers who need a transformer fast. Our quick-ship padmount transformers can be on the road within 24 to 48 hours of an order if needed.

If you’re interested in working with ELSCO for your industrial or commercial padmount transformer needs, call us today at 800-232-9002, or get in touch using our contact page.

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