Transformer Rewinds

The ELSCO Transformers team performs rewinds on medium voltage transformers. If your unit has failed, we can help you out with a rewind. In cases where only your primary winding fails, depending on how old your transformer is, a rewind can act as a cost-effective alternative to a full replacement. With a rewind, you can expect a faster turnaround than a new, build to order unit.

The Transformer Rewind Process

We perform our rewinds in-house at our Cincinnati, Ohio, facility. Our technicians proudly use hand-winding techniques instead of all automated machinery so they can pay more attention to the quality of your rewind. This thorough process enables our team to deliver the best results possible. We also only use only copper windings for the rewinds which offers better conductivity and reliability than aluminum.  Also, when going from aluminum windings to copper windings, we can gain some space to add additional insulation which helps improve the original design.

At ELSCO Transformers, our rewind process consists of these steps:

  • Disassembly: Before working on your transformer, we’ll disassemble the failed coil.
  • Reverse engineering: Using the failed coil and the rest of the transformer, we will then figure out what replacement coil you need. We use reverse engineering techniques to determine every replacement coil’s wire size, spacing, insulation, voltage and kVA.
  • Design and installation: Once we understand what kind of coil you need, we can begin development. We will design and wind your new coil to meet your transformer’s specifications. Then, we’ll install it where the transformer had its former coil.
  • Testing: Our team thoroughly tests every rewound transformer before completing the rewinding process. They follow the industry’s highest standards to ensure top-quality results.
  • Reconditioning: As part of our rewind services, we can also recondition other parts of the transformer, such as the bushings, gaskets and gauges.

Types of Transformers That We Rewind

Our technicians specialize in performing rewinds for medium voltage transformers. We can provide this service for any type of transformer that we sell, including:

  • Dry type transformer rewinds and reconditioning: We can extend your dry type transformer’s high-efficiency operation with a copper rewind of the coils.
  • Padmount transformer rewinds and reconditioning: When a weather event damages your padmount transformer coil, let us rewind it to keep your equipment running.
  • Rewinds for station and unit substation transformers: Our team can also perform rewinds on unit substation and station transformers. Please contact us to learn more about our capabilities with these types.

Reasons to Choose ELSCO for Reconditioned Medium Voltage Transformers

Consider us your top-quality source for medium voltage transformer rewinds and reconditioned dry type transformers. Clients choose our reconditioning services because of advantages such as:

  • Experienced technicians: Each of our major team members has more than 21 years of experience in the industry.
  • Custom-tailored solutions: We offer custom retrofits, reconditioning, transformer designs and bus work.
  • Dependable engineering: Our dry type transformers have a history of zero warranty issues or failures since 1988.

Get More Information on Reconditioning Padmount and Dry Type Transformers

Allow us to get your transformer working like new with our rewinding, repair and reconditioned padmount transformer solutions. Please contact our team onlinesubmit a request for a quote or call us at 800-232-9002.


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