Transformer Rebuild

Does your current dry type or padmount transformer need an upgrade or restoration? At ELSCO, we provide a multitude of services for single phase and three phase transformers, including replacements, retrofitting, reconditions and more. We also fully rebuild worn-out units, allowing our customers to enjoy the longevity and performance of a updated and improved transformer.

With a dry type or oil-filled transformer rebuild, you’ll be able to rely on constant power output without the worry of a sudden malfunction or failure. Our remanufactured units are tailored to your needs and built for cost-effectiveness and durability. 

Dry Type and Padmount Medium Voltage Transformer Rebuilds

If you have a dry type or padmount transformer that’s worn beyond routine repair, ELSCO does medium voltage transformer rebuilds for industrial and commercial applications. While transformers tend to be reliable and long-lasting in the majority of settings, a unit near the end of its lifespan could fail and create sudden issues that slow down all your operations. This can lead to downtime, major expenses and even potential safety issues for employees. 

With the help of a padmount or dry type transformer rebuild, organizational leaders can feel more confident in their operations and power supply. We’ll fit your rebuilt transformer with new insulation, new copper windings, connections and  fluid (if oil filled). Many factors go into building an effective transformer, including insulation, winding conductor, connections and more — so we work to ensure the appropriate condition of all of the components before shipping the rebuilt transformer.

ELSCO dry type and padmount transformer rebuilds help create more reliable power for medical, government, retail and manufacturing facilities. Benefits of our services include:


  • Individualized Rebuilds: When we remanufacture a transformer for a client, we do it with their individual needs and specifications in mind. As long as your transformer is a dry type or oil filled type, we can offer a solution that will meet the requirements of your organization. We’ve been building, repairing and maintaining transformers since 1912, so we have plenty of experience developing specific and individualized solutions. 
  • Improved System Longevity: If you’re looking to install a unit that will require the least maintenance and fewest repairs, you can rest assured that ELSCO transformers are built to last. A transformer rebuild is about more than replacing a previous system — it’s also about enjoying the benefits of a new one and allowing them to help your business increase productivity over the long term.
  • Generous Warranties: If any of our rebuilds fall short of expectations, we’ll work to fix the issue. Our dry type transformer rebuilds come with three-year warranty benefits so that all our customers can feel confident when they decide to invest in our services. This is a promise to you that all our remanufactured transformers will provide trustworthy service.

Medium Voltage Transformer Rebuilds From ELSCO

We’re glad to help you determine whether a transformer rebuild is the right solution for your facility. If you’re ready to implement a new and improved power output system, call us at 800-232-9002 or use our contact form to reach out online.


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