GE VaporTran Transformer Replacements and Retrofits

General Electric began selling a transformer model called VaporTran in the late 1970s. These units used the coolant R-113, more commonly known as Freon.

When the GE VaporTran first appeared on the market, R-113 provided a useful alternative to polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), which were found to have negative health effects. Today, however, many countries around the world have banned or phased out R-113 and other substances grouped under the name Freon due to their ozone-depleting properties. As a result, companies that still own GE VaporTran transformers are looking to replace them with modern dry type retrofit transformers.

Do I Need to Replace My GE VaporTran Transformer?

Freon has been phased out in many countries around the world as part of the Montreal Protocol, an international treaty aimed at protecting the Earth’s ozone layer. In the United States, new production and import of Freon has been halted, along with import and production of other ozone-depleting substances. This change means that businesses can no longer buy Freon to refill GE VaporTran transformers.

If you own one of these obsolete systems, you need to find a replacement that can meet your power needs without relying on a harmful substance.

Why Retrofit a New Unit to Replace Your GE VaporTran?

Purchasing a new transformer can prove costly and time-consuming, especially because it can require you to rework existing connections and rebuild an enclosure or pad mount. If you choose a retrofit to replace your GE VaporTran transformer, you’ll dodge these problems.

Retrofitting involves building a new transformer to match the design and dimensions of the old unit. Whether you need to replace a transformer in a university, manufacturing plant, hospital, prison or another type of facility, a transformer retrofit can benefit your company by:


  • Saving money: A retrofitted unit will use some of the hardware and cabinets you already own, making a retrofit less expensive than total replacement.
  • Simplifying installation: Retrofitted units have bus bars designed to line up perfectly with existing connections to and from the transformer, making installation simple and eliminating the need to rework connections.
  • Minimizing disruption: Your retrofitted transformer will fit right where your old General Electric vapor transformer did, which means you won’t need to find a new location for your transformer. As a result, downtime can be kept to a minimum.

Our Transformer Replacement and Retrofitting Services

 At ELSCO Transformers, we can provide GE VaporTran replacement and retrofitting services for medium-voltage transformers. Using your drawings and the design of the GE VaporTran as a guide, we can build a new unit to meet your facility’s electricity requirements and fit the space available. Once we’ve built and tested the transformer, we’ll ship it to you for installation.  Our chief engineer can even come to your facility for all measurements.

Some of the benefits of choosing ELSCO Transformers for your retrofit project include:


  • Key team members with extensive industry knowledge and more than 21 years of experience
  • Fast turnaround times at our location in Cincinnati, OH
  • High-quality transformers that perform to your expectations

Contact ELSCO Transformers to Learn More

When you’re ready to replace your GE VaporTran transformer, we’ll help you find a system that will last for years. To learn more about our retrofitting capabilities, call 800-232-9002 or reach out to request a quote.


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