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ELSCO manufactures high-quality medium-voltage dry type transformers from 500 kVA up to 3750 kVA with 2400, 4160, 12470, 13200 and 13800 volt primaries.

We are committed to supplying all our customers with high-quality transformers
that will provide efficient uninterrupted power for decades to come.

We Specialize in Emergency Transformer Replacements

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ELSCO Transformers has been enabling industrial manufacturers to maintain uninterrupted power with our high-quality transformers since 1988. We design, manufacture, repair and sell new transformers. We’re one of the few manufacturers producing copper-wound dry type transformers installed indoors and in enclosed outdoor spaces.

Our company extends a five-year warranty when you order a new dry type transformer for indoor use, higher than the industry’s average one-year warranty. If your facility needs a reliable indoor transformer.

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Our Selection of Transformers

We produce dry type and padmount transformers with the following features:

Dry Type Transformers

We manufacture dry type transformers for indoor environments because they are quiet and safe. The transformers use air to prevent coils, windings and insulation from overheating. We recommend installing these transformers in an enclosed space to protect them from unnecessary handling that may put either the installation or the handler at risk.

Each transformer comes with certain features that make it efficient.

  • Copper and aluminum coils that last long
  • Dupont Nomex and SG200 fiberglass that has outstanding longevity
  • Polyester varnish coating to protect coils from the risk of fire
  • Laminated steel cores that improve efficiency
ESLCO Workers building a dry type transformer

Padmount Transformers

We have padmount transformers with ratings of 500 KVA to 2,500 KVA, with 4160, 12470, 13200, and 13800 volt primary voltages. They’re suitable for outdoor spaces in hospitals, universities and large facilities close to underground electric power lines. We build custom padmount transformers for facilities that have unique features. Padmounts are different from dry type transformers because they use oil in the cooling process.

We can also work with you to modify or fabricate customized padmount transformer units to meet your requirements. For example, If you need a padmount transformer with a custom bushing height, we can build a new unit to order, or we can use copper bus drop-downs on the low-voltage bushings for one of our in-stock units.

Transformer Technician building a transformer.

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Transformer Services From ELSCO Transformers

We offer a variety of services to industrial facilities all over the country.


Our emergency response team ensures you get a new transformer fast so your facility can resume operations quickly.

Custom bus work

When replacing an old unit or upgrading the power capacity of your facility, we design custom bus work that fits in your plant.

Custom-built transformers

We build custom transformers that fulfill your facility’s unique voltage step-down needs.

Transformer retrofit

We create a replacement that’s customized to your space.

GE VaporTran transformer replacements and retrofits

We build and customize a new unit that optimizes your space.

New units leave our facility within 48 hours after you order when we have them in stock. It may take a little longer when manufacturing new units because we invest sufficient time in production to ensure your system is high-quality.

Who We Serve

Our products and services ensure facilities and plants run efficiently in multiple industries. We provide transformers to:

  • Hospitals and medical centers to power high-tech medical equipment and run daily operations without interruption.
  • Manufacturers to run their plants non-stop so they can be competitive in their industries.
  • Universities and colleges to power their campuses and keep them operational.
  • Electrical supply companies to enable them to remain dependable and trustworthy to their customers.
  • Electrical contractors to enable them to offer dynamic and responsive solutions.
  • Correctional facilities to keep their occupants safe.

Our experts have knowledge and experience in the operations of these sectors. They work with plant managers to ensure your facility optimizes power.

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