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How Old (Reliable) is Your Transformer?

Old black vintage electrical transformers in a factory

How Old (Reliable) is Your Transformer?

January 13, 2022

Your transformer may seem like an inert apparatus tucked away in a cabinet, but when energized it is a vibrant, living thing, transforming and feeding electrical power at 60 Hertz to your facility.  In addition to metal windings and core it contains organic materials in the form of insulation, and like all living things, it […]

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reliable, quality and durable

Your ELSCO Transformer is an Investment in Quality

December 28, 2021

Replacing a failed transformer comes as an unwelcome surprise with an unanticipated and unavoidable cash outlay.   Facilities managers are immediately faced with two urgent questions: “How soon can we get power back?” and “How much is this going to cost?”   The answers will depend on some key decisions made in replacing the transformer, but the […]

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Dry Type Transformer failure.

The Cost of Transformer Failure in Manufacturing

September 14, 2021

Recent surveys have reported the cost of a single hour of manufacturing downtime to be anywhere between $500,000 and $5 million, The survey participants were very large, high-volume manufacturers in automated industries such as automotive, steel, chemical and pharmaceuticals.  The estimates of hourly downtime costs were reported by respondents to the surveys without definitions, supporting […]

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